This morning Joey was being loaded up into the trailer. He was adopted yesterday, and today was the start to the journey to his home.

First though, it was a stop by the vet to finish up some routine medical care required before adoption.

Wheeler was excited that he wouldn’t have to be at the vet anymore. He doesn’t like being in a stall. Wheeler was surrendered on Friday, but because of the move he was dropped off at the vet to make it easier on his old owners.

He is quite the character, he definitely has quite the personality to him. We are told he is about 6 years old and has had several injuries in his short life. He had a hind leg injury that healed up, and also had a front knee injury, so he has a plate in his knee. He is supposed to be sound and was used on trail rides. He could use some more time in the saddle. He will be evaluated once he settles in. We know one thing, and that is he does not like getting shots.

Many of you may remember the abandoned dogs that were picked up a couple weeks ago. Hope is now in a lovely foster home. We really appreciate this as she will be able to get the one on one attention that she wants. She was at the vet today getting all checked out and to make sure everything was still OK.

Finally Joey was on his way to his new home. He lives back a beautiful gravel road that winds around tall majestic oak trees.

At Joey’s new home Tawnee got to see Travis. He is doing really good and is such a beautiful boy.

He was really amazed to see another horse coming his way. No doubt they will be best friends by the time you read this. Sharing stories of their rescue days by the hours. We can just hear it…
Travis: “So is Jason feeding the hay on the four wheeler or the wheel barrow?”
Joey: “What are you talking about? They have this fancy green machine they call the ‘Hay Wagon’ that can easily carry 4 bales of hay!”
Travis: “You’re pulling my tail, they don’t have anything like that, I know, I was there!” and so on…

When Tawnee said “Goodbye” to Joey he didn’t even take time to say anything back. He was more interested in looking at and eating grass. Tawnee decided he must be cranky after his visit to the vet, no one likes visiting the doctor right?

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