At the new facility everything is going great. The horses are really enjoying the wide open spaces. Magic says “Hello” while he had his breakfast this morning.

The Hay Wagon was taken to the new facility today. It no doubt makes the horses feel at home to have their hay brought on the familiar machine.

Lou was adopted and picked up by his adoptive family today. We absolutely love it when rescued horses find an absolutely perfect home and family to love them.

Jason and Tawnee set out this afternoon to pick up a very important piece of equipment that is being loaned to the rescue for a short time. When they left the old rescue location it was slightly hailing.

Not 3 miles from the old rescue, it was hailing so hard that the road was completely covered with ice.

Out on the paved road, it was still covered in ice. Mile after mile went by, all covered with ice and hail.

Driving up a hill, a car had gotten stuck in the hail and could go no farther. When Jason and Tawnee drove by they yelled out “No chains, no more driving.”

People don’t generally think they will be driving through 2-3 inches of slick white slush at the end of April in the foothills of California. Today caught lots of people off guard, including this PG&E truck that slid off the road.

It really looked like the middle of January! Some local residents said it was the most white stuff they got all winter. Quite a strange storm.

They made the dangerous journey through the slush to pick up a backhoe! Jason and Tawnee had to wait until the roads cleared before they could bring it back down the hill. The owner of the tractor showed Jason all of the controls.

And then loaded it onto a trailer. This tractor will be a huge help in setting up the new facility!

The tractor trailer is also a dump trailer, so it will be useful in moving gravel and other needed stuff.

Jason and Tawnee made it safely back to the old rescue location. The roads cleared, but then another hail storm made some sections white once again on the way back to the old rescue. What very odd late April weather!
Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a very nice camera. As you know, we routinely go through camera’s at the rescue as we take thousands of pictures a month, and we have had 2 very similar cameras to this one, and really loved them. It is a Canon S3 IS Powershot. It is only $160 and 15% of the sale price goes to help the horses! Click here.

Many thanks to each and every one of you that support the rescue both financially and emotionally!

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