Today was Cheyenne’s day. Before Cheyenne came to us she had gotten caught in a fence and injured her leg. Her owners were unable to care for it properly, and when she came to us she had some vet wrap that was tightly wrapped around her leg that had to be removed as it was cutting off her circulation.

No doubt Cheyenne wondered where she was going today and why she had to be separated from her best friend Dakota.

At the vet Cheyenne settled into a nice comfy stall and waited to be examined.

She had to be sedated and then her wound was scrubbed down and prepped for examination and treatment.

She definitely has a nasty injury but the vet says it should heal up just fine with proper care and about 4 weeks of rest and treatment. Good news for Cheyenne!

Her leg was all bandaged and wrapped up. She will have to wear this bandage for 10 days or so and then be checked out again and maybe rebandaged, depending on what the vet says.

Cheyenne was happy when it was all over with and she was walking out of the barn.

She was even more excited when she saw the trailer. She couldn’t wait to get back to Dakota!

On the way back to the new facility there was a beautiful rainbow over Oroville. As “Oro” means gold, there really could have been a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Back at the new facility Dakota was patiently waiting for his dear Cheyenne to come back. He was so excited to see the trailer pulling in…

…and Cheyenne could hardly wait to get out of the trailer and into her waiting pen.

Finally they were back together. They took some time snuggling together, reaffirming their bond for each other. They really love each other, how great would it be to find a home where they could live together forever?

It was a very beautiful ending to a great day!

Many thanks to an anonymous donor for their generous donation!

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