First thing this morning found Jason visiting Home Depot to get some needed supplies then he got to work on the tractor digging fence post holes. The Girl Scout troop visited again today and their project was to get as much done on the white fencing as possible.

They stayed very busy and slowly the fence began to go up.
Jason and Tawnee helped set the posts and do the initial packing of the dirt around the base, but the Girl Scouts did the hard work…
…filling up the post holes with dirt and packing it down. They were so energetic, we can’t thank them enough for coming out and working so hard.
While the Girl Scouts were busy working on the white fencing, a group of slightly older girls from a Sorority were busy setting up the shelters.
The very first tree was planted on the new facility grounds. We hope that this tree will live for many years, providing beauty, shade and oxygen for all around.
The sorority girls also lent a helping hand in cleaning up the pens. There is always so much that needs to be done at the rescue, but with so many helping hands today, so much got done!
Halfway through the busy day, volunteer Amee came flying into the rescue with the news that a horse trailer and truck had wrecked and they needed help. Tawnee headed out with a trailer to see what assistance she could offer.
Sure enough, they were quite stuck. Thankfully they did not have an accident, they just got their wheels too far off the road trying to turn around. They were certainly stuck though.
There was just no way they could drive out on their own.
Tawnee loaded the horse safely into another trailer and since the horse was on its way to be surrendered today, she headed back to the rescue.
Larry hopped in his truck and pulled them safely back onto the highway.
Meanwhile at the rescue Tawnee was unloading Brandy and putting her into a waiting pen.
Brandy was more than happy to be safely in a pen instead of hanging over the side of the road in a tippy trailer.

A potential adopter came out to visit Magic today. She has adopted from us before and has provided an absolutely wonderful home. Thankfully, she is looking to make her horse family a bit bigger. Magic really seemed to fall in love with her.
The Girl Scouts worked hard from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and got a little over half of the white fencing up.
All too soon it was time to go, but thanks to Deb B., each Girl Scout was able to take a special gift home: a Breyer horse! They all absolutely loved their precious horses and can’t wait to come back in a couple weeks.
The sorority also posed for a quick picture before heading off. We can’t thank them enough for all of their help today.
After everyone had left Jason and Alex were still working, anchoring the shelters so the wind will not blow them over.
Many thanks to Nancy P., Cindy M., Laura D., Donna A., Cindy R. for their generous donations. We couldn’t do it without your help!

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