Brandy met Jason with a wary eye over the fence. Was she really going to the vet today? Was she really going to have to get into another trailer so soon?
Yes, she was going to the vet. She has a similar injury to Cheyenne, an old injury prior to the trailer accident, and it needed to be checked out to make sure she is healing OK. In no time at all she was haltered and led to the waiting trailer.

A short drive later and she was resting comfortably in a stall at the vet waiting to be examined later this afternoon. She will probably be spending a few days at the vet due to everyones schedules.

Jason headed back to the rescue to hook up the solar panels to the well. After running the wires and hooking everything up…

…water did come out of the pump using only the power of the sun! Unfortunately, the two panels do not provide enough power so we will have to get one or two more panels to power the pump adequately. It is such an encouraging step to see water flowing from the well using only sun power!

Jason and Tawnee headed off to pick up some horses that were being surrendered this afternoon.

We would like to welcome Copper Hopper back to the rescue. He was adopted into a very wonderful home awhile ago, but unfortunately due to the economy, they could no longer keep him. He looked at the trailer with disgust, he loved his home and buddies and didn’t want to leave!

Frosty Blue, one of the Clint Ritchie horses, was also being surrendered. He is such the cute boy!

Soon Copper Hopper and Frosty Blue were in the trailer and they were off to their next destination. It’s really sad when horses that were placed in super homes have to come back to the rescue to find new homes due to the economy.

Frankie was the last horse on the circuit to be picked up today. He is a nice looking boy, but is very shy about having his head messed with much.

Frankie was happy to get into the trailer to see what grand adventures await him.

After picking up Frankie, Jason and Tawnee headed to the new facility. Just a sidenote, if you see someone weed eating alongside the road, grit your teethe and hope for the best. The rescue rig has 3 new cracks in its windshield from 1 weed-eater today.

At the new facility Frankie looked around with wonder. He is a gentle boy, but scared. It was nice to get the horses into a nice waiting pen with yummy food and good water.

Frankie says “Goodnight” to everyone. His face sure shines at night.

Many thanks to Donna A., Dena L., Patricia M. for their very generous donations today!

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