We wanted to share a quick before and after about Phoenix for you since we are still celebrating his 1st anniversary with us. This is how Phoenix looked the day he was rescued, May 4th, 2009.

This picture was taken this morning when he was enjoying breakfast. What an amazing recovery he has made. When we first saw his pictures we were afraid there was no way he could make it, but he has made such a beautiful recovery. In honor of Phoenix’s life, we have been seriously contemplating naming the new Humane Society “Phoenix Fields Humane Society.” No, we are not joining forces with the Humane Society of the United States, we would be like the hundreds of other Humane Societies that do amazing work every day all around the country. We are frustrated seeing so many Animal Control’s turning a blind eye to horse abuse in their communities, with the Humane Societies legal powers, we will be able to hire humane officers that will have full police powers throughout California. We are tired of slinking through livestock auctions, hoping they don’t notice us documenting the abuse and neglect and kick us out. When we are a humane society all that will change. Please give us your feedback on the name idea: Phoenix Fields Humane Society.

This morning at the new facility the Porta Potty arrived. We would like to thank Howard’s generosity in stepping forward and paying the monthly bill. Every donation really helps! Setting up this new facility from scratch is really stepping out in faith with every step.
This morning Tawnee had some things to do, one of them was stopping by the hospital. One of our volunteers, Aimee, has been expecting for some time now, and she has delivered her little bundle of joy into the world. Tawnee just had to stop in and see the the future volunteer. His name is Josh and he is 6 lbs. Congratulations Aimee!
Tawnee had to stop in at Tractor Supply to grab a few supplies.
While she was in there she had to chuckle over a sign that was for sale. It read “I exercise by horseback riding… So far my horse has lost 15 lbs.”
At the vet a new addition came to the rescues care. His name is Buckwheat and we are planning on calling him Bucky. He is a real cutie but has over eaten in the past. He is going to have his brain surgery (gelding) soon and then he will be available for adoption. He is friendly and really loves people.
Many of you may not know if you don’t follow us on Facebook, but we are now doing live video feeds on Qik. Our url is http://qik.com/savethehorse. It is also uploaded to our Youtube channel for your enjoyment.


As Bucky was coming into the vet Brandy was getting ready for her departure. When she arrived she had an old injury that needed vet care. Now she is all taken care of and should heal up just fine.
At the rescue she posed for her adoption photo. We have always wanted to have pictures with a white rail fence behind the horses. Now it has become true!
Yesterday two horses came into the rescue, but due to internet complications last night we were unable to do a blog. This is Cupid, he is an older 20 – 30 year old Leopard Appy. He is sweet and looking for a pasture pal home. Just a place he can hang out and spend his days. A lady rescued him off of a Craigslist ad, worked very hard on getting his weight up and he is now looking for a forever home.
The other horse that came in yesterday is Silver, an Arab gelding about 20 years old. He slightly drags both hind legs when he walks, we are planning on having our chiropractor check him out.
Now for the most exciting part of the day! Some time ago one of our friends forwarded a Craigslist ad with a free office trailer. This was shortly after Tawnee was telling Jason it would be really nice if they could find an office trailer for the new facility. Jason checked it out, and after checking around we would be able to have it delivered to the new facility for $1,195.
Anyone that has been to the old facility has seen the old office, which will be converted into another use at the new facility. It is very small and everyone trips over each other. This new portable office is much larger and will be able to have a small tack shop along with a med room and other needed work areas.
Soon it was pulled into place. Click here to watch the video.
Tawnee spent the rest of the afternoon evaluating horses. Jason and Tawnee will be taking an Animal Control training course next week in Windsor, the first step in becoming humane officers, so they are scrambling to get as much done as they can before they head out.
Tawnee enjoyed a lovely ride on Pik, who is already in adoption pending. She says she can’t wait for an actual arena to be put in, but for now this open area is just fine.

Some of you may notice on our homepage a memorial for Darlene Kincade. She passed away quite unexpectedly recently, and her family has asked
in lieu of flowers that donations be made to us to help rescue horses in Darlene’s honor. This is truly a thoughtful and loving way to remember a wonderful lady who dedicated her life to horses.
Many thanks to Gail G., Teresa L., Traci L., Yvonne P., Patricia F., Amber W. for their generous donations! We greatly appreciate it.

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