Jason and Tawnee wanted to share some pictures with you from their educational journey. They are at the Santa Rosa Community College Safety Training facility.

Learning all the ins and outs of being an upstanding Animal Control officer, which directly applies to being a Humane Officer.

There are a lot of wonderful teaching aids, including this slide of an emaciated horse.

Different instructors teach all of the different aspects. One of the instructors is working hard to take Animal Control officers from having the reputation of untrained dog catchers to one of true professionals.

Outside of the classroom the police recruits use their powerful lungs to yell “Yes Sir!” at their instructors.

These nasty little hooks are called slashers, they are used in cock fighting. Each one of those will get you a misdemeanour in the state of California, that is 9 misdemeanours, or 4.5 years in jail if you were caught with these! Jason and Tawnee learned about the cock fighting paraphernalia. A lot of the stuff is just normal looking things and you would never know.

Today Tawnee and Jason had training in Bite Stick (baton) use.

If an officer (police, sheriff, animal control, humane officer) ever takes this stance towards you, be sure they are expecting to fight you and win. This is the high – ready stance.

Jeff and Shannon Jay were the two baton instructors.

Tawnee is ready for a 65 lb rapid pit bull to attack her. So far through this traning she says that she thinks horses are much better than crazy attack dogs.

You never want an officer to use one of these on you. They are trained, and it will break bones.

This is the most important part of being a public officer: protecting life, particularly your own. The stories that have been told during the class of being attacked by raging dogs and raging humans would set your ears on fire just like they have Jason and Tawnee’s.

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