We are sure that many of you have noticed that the blogs pretty much stopped last week. Jason and Tawnee were in intense training all of last week and have a couple more days this week to wrap everything up. A quick note, don’t stop reading as the bottom of the blog has links to Youtube video’s of Jason and Tawnee being pepper sprayed in the face… Here’s the story.
At the Animal Control officer training, Jason and Tawnee learned that it is a very dangerous job. Many professionals admit that it is even more dangerous than being a regular patrol cop. Not only are they dealing with dangerous animals, but they also have to deal with people who may have questionable emotional well being, and may be losing their animals. Very dangerous situations!
Part of the training was the correct use of OC (pepper spray) and for practice all the students headed off to the training area.

All the pepper spray equipment was brought out, it looked rather intimidating! Notice the bottles of tearless baby soap. Word was, after you get sprayed, pry your eyes open and literally grind the soap into your eyes, it would actually feel better than the pepper spray.

The class was given instruction and practiced the drills.
This wasn’t normal pepper spray that you can buy from WalMart. This was military grade pepper spray that only people that have had training can legally carry while in uniform. Notice that it shoots out in a jetting stream of liquid fire. To spray this you have to be a minimum of 3 feet because it could puncture someones eye any closer than that.
Jason grimaced and stood still. It looks innocent enough doesn’t it?
After being sprayed, and with ones head on fire, they had Jason attack the instructor with a plastic baton to show that you can work through the intense agony. The instruction was to hit the bag three times, but Jason was given direction to hit it a few extra times.
Pain like you wouldn’t believe. Absolutely intense, some women say it isn’t quite as bad as childbirth.
Tawnee got sprayed right after Jason and soon they were both scrubbing their eyes to try to remove the excess pepper spray. Water does not make it feel much better, and the pain will last longer if you keep your face wet. The idea is to get as much off as you can in a minute or so and then let your face wind dry. While in intense, mindless agony.
You recover faster if you can pry your eyelids open and let the wind blow your face and eyes dry. You can’t actually physically open your eyes on their own at this point.
Tawnee sat by the fans trying to concentrate on breathing through the pain.
It hurts!
Soon there was a whole group of ‘victims’ who were also pepper sprayed.
It takes 10-15 minutes before you can walk around without propping your eyes open with your fingers. Tawnee says she will do it again, and she will. But only if it will make someone donate $5,000 to the rescue. Jason says he’ll do it again for $100 if he can put it in his pocket.
Jason and Tawnee still have some training a couple days this week. There is a lot of exciting things happening day to day at the rescue, but the blog will be updated sporadically throughout the week when Jason and Tawnee have a couple extra hours to write it up.
To watch Jason get sprayed, click here.
To watch Tawnee get sprayed, click here.

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