With all of Jason and Tawnee’s training the blog has gotten behind. We are going to attempt to catch you up on the happenings at the rescue. Please bare with us, they promise to get the blogs back on schedule next week.
Sunday the 9th, it was shaping up to be a busy day at the rescue. Pik’s potential mommy, who is one of our previous adopters, was coming to meet him. She arrived, and upon seeing him thought he was a really beautiful boy. After riding him, she knew he must join her family.
Susan came out to lend a helping hand on some hooves that needed to be trimmed. We really appreciate her help!

Trivia Star was surrendered to the rescue, his owners were no longer able to keep him. He is a 22 year old Arab gelding who is blind in one eye. We are told he needs an experienced rider as he has a history of bucking people off. It is said that he has done some endurance riding too.

Star settled in, he really has a way of looking around wide eyed even though he only has 1 eye.

Chevy was also surrendered on Sunday the 9th. Chevy is a 27 year old off the track Thoroughbred. He owners were no longer able to keep him and were desperately searching for a solution.

Chevy needed his feet trimmed, and since Susan was there, she got right to work on him.
She did a great job and made him much more comfortable.

Chevy was quite glad to be done with his hoof trim. He got to hang out and enjoy life once again without having a human trimming his feet. He is doing great for his age, and is looking for a home where he can just enjoy life.

As soon as the activities were done at the rescue Jason and Tawnee headed out for a great long drive.

The next morning found Jason and Tawnee at Santa Rosa Community College Public Safety Training center for Animal Control training. This was the first step in becoming California Humane Officers.

The training was absolutely wonderful, extremely informative and very worth while. Knowing the animal care laws is truly the key to getting animals the help they need.

One of their fellow students adopted a lovely horse named Beu back in 2009. It was nice to see a previous adopter who’s life is changing because of the horse she adopted from us.

Meanwhile at the rescue Larry was shopping for material to improve the office trailer. Looking for the best price and value.

Some horses were surrendered to the rescue last week and the owner of the horses just had to meet Parcy.

Chips was adopted on Wednesday. He is a very lucky boy and will have an absolutely wonderful home.

The day that Chips was adopted was the same day that Jason and Tawnee were sprayed in the face with military grade pepper spray, an experience they will never forget. As Jason simply says “It hurts.”

The rest of the gang at the rescue had been working at giving the office a makeover. Here is the before picture of when it arrived…

…and here is the after picture! It has a long ways to go but it sure is looking a lot nice inside.

to be continued…

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