Tawnee was kicked in the knee by a horse this afternoon and is experiencing great pain and will be seeking medical advice. The days events will be sent out in tomorrows (Monday’s) blog.

Yesterdays blog –

Tuesday at the family that was surrendering 5 horses, Jason and the family safely loaded all 5 and he was ready to begin the long trip back to the rescue.

The road just kept stretching on and on. The snow covered peaks were quite beautiful, despite it being the end of May!

On the way back to the new facility Jason picked up Bucky from the vet. He was recently gelded and was ready to come back so he can find a new home.

Bucky is the first donkey at the new facility. He is a very sweet guy, about 15 years old. He had to leave his last home as he is a very vocal guy.

One by one the 5 horses were unloaded and put in a waiting pen.

When Tawnee was unloading this guy, she noticed he has an Arabian brand. She shaved it down to find out who he is. It’s so nice when horses are freeze branded with a registry, it makes it so easy to find out how old they are, what their name is, etc.

Tawnee looked it up on the Arabian database, and his name is Raq Dandy. He was born in 1987, making him 23 years old. Back in 1988 he was shown according to his registration records. His last recorded owner is from 1988, we believe she must have sold him, and the papers never got transfered. The neat thing is that Tawnee has been able to get the information and phone #’s for both his breeder and his last registered owner with a little detective work. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that one of them are willing to give him the retirement he deserves.

After all the horses were settled in Jason and Tawnee headed out for the long drive to the next training venue.

It was about 10:30 at night, when driving along they came upon 2 horses loose on the side of the road. It was a well traveled road, and the chances of these horses being hit was very high. Thankfully Tawnee was able to catch and halter them. Fearing the worst of not being able to find their home, Tawnee made the comment “The one time we aren’t pulling a trailer…”

Tawnee led them down the closest driveway, hoping it was their home. Thankfully it was their home, and soon they were tucked into their pen safely. Their owners had let them out to eat grass in their front yard, but the horses found a way out of the fencing and headed out on their own little grass eating adventure, that could have turned deadly. Thankfully Jason and Tawnee were there at the right time!

The next morning found Jason and Tawnee waiting to start the new class.

This class was a difficult one, Euthanasia by Injection. It is necessary to receive a well rounded education in becoming Humane Officers.

Back at the rescue, Frosty Blue and Brandy were adopted. Yes, the photo is Photoshopped, but with so many photos in this blog we combined two photos into 1 so you can see both of them being adopted at once.

Soon they were loaded up and ready to head out on their new adventure in life.

The training was at Marin Humane Society, and at the facility they had a very neat mural that Tawnee just had to exam a little closer.

Come to find out, almost every tile had a name or message on it. What a great idea! The wall was really built by a master artist, every tile carved so intricately.

The class was given a tour of the facility, and amazingly enough, they have their own horse barn!

They had big beautiful stalls. What a wonderful sight to see.

Thursday Jason and Tawnee completed the class and are now California Certified Euthanasia Technicians. It was really good to understand exactly how the drug works, and it is truly humane, peaceful, and is very gentle. Just a note: if you ever see a vet or vet tech using the pink solution on any animal other than a dog, please report them! The pink solution is illegal and wrong to use on any animal other than a dog. It is inhumane and cruel to attempt to euthanise some other kind of animal using the pink solution. Pure sodium pentobarbitrol (the blue) works much better than any other solution, even on dogs. The reason some vets use the pink solution is it is less regulated and requires less paperwork on their end. Animals suffer so the vet doesn’t have to do as much paperwork.

On the way back, Jason and Tawnee stopped at Chipotle and ordered ve
ggie bureritos. At the checkout the clerk, noticing their shirts, said “Good thing you didn’t get steak, it’s horse meat.” Tawnee replied “I hope not or I would have to arrest you.” An awkward silence and then the clerk said “I’m just joking…”

After that it was a quick stop at Build-a-Bear to get Dottie and Macho Man some new shoes for the Expo.

The clerk probably thought they were joking when they said it was for horses.

Friday found Jason, Alex and Larry getting rail-road ties by the dozen. Those things are heavy!

Thankfully the borrowed dump trailer makes quick work of unloading them. Just push a button and…

…they are all on the ground, ready to be put up as fenceposts.

We would like to take a minute to thank Larry, April, and Alex for taking care of everything while Jason and Tawnee have been at training. We couldn’t do it without you guys! You are truly a huge a blessing, and everything ran so smoothly while Jason and Tawnee were gone. Way to go guys, you’re awesome!
Finally, the blog is all caught up, look for todays events this evening!

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