First of all we got a great update on Kramer, a horse we adopted out awhile ago. “Officer Kramer is doing well. He led Eureka’s annual Rhododendron Parade this year. He will be hitting the streets pretty regularly now that the weather is improving. The parade stopped a couple of times, which we thought was great. It gave us an opportunity to share Kramer’s story and teach people about the rescue. It also gave an opportunity for people to give him lots of attention and for me to explain why he sticks his tongue out (still working on that.)” Way to go officer Kramer, you are looking so handsome!

This morning Alex hurried through the feeding because there was a lot planned for the day. Notice that the hay is stacked on the ground for now.

As you know, last year NorCal raised the funds to purchase a 48×48 pole barn. It was delivered and then sat waiting for the new facility to be purchased. We are ready to set it up, but have a slight problem we are hoping you can help us with. The county is wanting the plans engineered before they will issue a building permit. If you know of any building engineers that would be willing to volunteer to engineer the structure please let us know! We cannot wait to get the hay barn put up and filled with hay!
Jason hooked the borrowed dump trailer up to the truck in preparation for the back breaking job of loading rail-road ties. They make great fence posts, but are oh so heavy.
Soon Jason, Alex and Larry were heading out.
When they arrived at the train depot to pick up the posts, a very nice person offered to run the backhoe to load the posts into the trailer!
One by one the posts went up into the air, were swung around…
…and then lowered gently into the trailer. We can’t thank the backhoe operator enough for making our day that much easier. We’re now looking at a backhoe for sale and we’re definitely going to buy one! Each tie is 100-350 lbs.
Back at the new facility unloading was easy enough: push a button…
…the front goes up in the air…
…and the posts all come sliding out. It’s amazing that thanks to Larry we were able to get these ties for the low low price of 47 cents each. Everywhere else they cost $15-$20 a post! Thank you Larry for going the extra mile in finding such a great deal.
Jason then got on the backhoe and started putting more fencepost holes into the ground. He was making good progress and was within about 8 post holes of the end when tragedy struck.
One of the chains that makes the backhoe arm swing side to side busted, leaving the backhoe inoperable. The owner states the chain costs about $20 to replace, let’s hope that is all! Jason is getting afraid to use any borrowed equipment, he is definitely having a bad run of luck lately. First the airless paint sprayer and now the tractor.
The fence line is almost done. It will be so wonderful to be able to open the pens and let the horses run free, galloping across the fields with the wind in their manes and tails.
Many thanks to Constance W. for her very generous monthly support that came in today. You can see your name here tomorrow, just click here! As you can imagine, with setting up the new facility and no fund raisers recently, with all the monthly bills your donation is greatly appreciated! The hay has to be paid for to feed all the hungry mouths.

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