Tawnee made it out to work today! A couple of horses were scheduled to be adopted today, and she wanted to make sure it all went smoothly. Her knee is still causing a lot of pain, but she managed to hobble around on her crutches throughout the day.

While waiting for the adopters to show up she started giving Macho Man his makeover. He has to be looking his handsome best for the horse expo coming right up!

Soon Frankie and Copper Hopper’s adopters made it. They are so happy with the new additions to their family.
Frankie took one last look at the rescue and hopped into the trailer. He is such a good boy! Copper Hopper was a good boy too but needed a couple minutes to make up his mind that he really did want to leave.
As they drove away Macho Man was enjoying his new look while he munched on some yummy grass.
Sadly, Silver had to come back to the rescue today. He was adopted by a very lovely person, but several of her other horses, also adoptees from us, decided that Silver was not welcome. They just would not get along with him. Apparently 3 is a herd at that home, and 4 is too many. She did not want him to get hurt, and brought him back so hopefully a new home can be found for him. We always welcome any and all of our horses back.
Jason and Tawnee got to work on the fence line. A couple days ago Tawnee called up Jason, who was working at the rescue, begging him to let her come work on the fence. Due to her knee injury, Jason said “No.” Today he just couldn’t keep her from working on the fence.
One by one the rails went up.
Jason did all the long walking to get it laid out.
This fence is very easy to put up once the posts are in the ground.

About 200′ of fencing was installed today, and it looks so nice! We can’t wait until it is all done.
Some supplies were needed in town. While in town, Jason stopped at WalMart to get a charitable booth registration form. Thankfully, WalMart has tightened up the registration process to solicit funds in front of WalMart. Hopefully it will keep scam artists like Cliff Hoffman at bay.
The pull-rope had broken on the generator this week, so Jason got the needed parts to fix it up. Tawnee says that her leg had too much excitement and is ready for a break.
We would like to remind you that eBay Giving Works is a great way to raise funds to help the rescued horses while selling your stuff on eBay. This month they are sending almost $35, which is 4 bales of hay!

Thank you all for your support, both emotionally and financially. Emotional support keeps the staff and volunteers going, financial support keeps the horses being rescued, fed, vetted, given farrier care, housed and placed into great homes like Freddie and Copper Hopper.

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