We want to fill you in on some history. When volunteer Amee was pregnant, Tawnee was always telling her “Don’t lift that, don’t do that, you really should be home resting, etc etc.” Today Amee brought her bundle of joy to the rescue, and when Tawnee hobbled out of the truck, Amee started telling her “Don’t get that horse, don’t do this, don’t do that” just the same that Tawnee did to her a few months ago.
Amee gave her bundle of joy to Tawnee and said “Here, this is your job today, babysit!” Tawnee agreed, babysitting and taking pictures was her job for the day.

Amee got to work evaluating horses.

After Freckles was saddled, everything seemed to be going just fine and normal. But then Freckles reared, took a leap to the side, and started bucking! Tawnee was watching and then realized she had the camera in her hand so she took a picture just as poor Amee was about to fly through the air.
Amee bravely got back on Freckles and everything seemed to be normal after that. We were told when we rescued Freckles that he has had 90 days professional training and has been shown. Today was just not his day.
The next horse to be evaluated was Roper. He saddled up just fine and everything once again seemed to be normal
Roper was in the round pen, and then he took a giant rearing leap almost straight into the air! Amee hung on for dear life, and eventually he came back to earth…
…just in time to do it again, just not quite as high this time.
When he front legs were coming down, he back legs decided to go up. Amee went up in the air too!
Then everything was fine again. These horses were all rescued from the same place, and one has to wonder if it was their custom to take a huge giant rear before going for a ride. Good thing we have a helmet law enforced for all ages at the new facility! Amee now holds the title of the first person to be bucked off at the new facility.
Amee even got a bruise from her close encounter with the ground. By this time Tawnee was quite grateful that she was stuck on babysitting duty.
A horse trailer pulled in with the most adorable face looking out. Meet Lucky, a 12 year old Welsh pony who is unfortunately a cryptorchid stallion. To geld him is a costly surgery, we estimate about $750, but we will know from our vet soon! The lady that surrendered him donated $50 towards his gelding fund, so that only leaves about $700 left to go!
Lucky is such a gorgeous boy! So incredibly handsome.
He got in the round pen and started checking out his new surroundings. He is just so adorable.
Meanwhile Jason had been working on the fencing for hours.
The fencing is easy to put up once the posts are in the ground.
Parcy has not had a bottle for awhile because he is a big boy now. Just for fun Larry put a little yummy soda in the bottle and gave it to Parcy. He couldn’t believe his luck! He got so excited, and it was second nature to suck on the bottle. We believe he wants a soda a day.
All too soon his yummy treat was gone. Parcy looked at Tawnee as if to say “It can’t be over so soon can it?”
He ran over to Tawnee and stuck his face up to her as if to say “Please, give me some more!”
That didn’t work so he got a little more desperate. Tawnee didn’t want him getting a caffeine buzz, so she had to tell him no.
Jason and Larry stretched another section of fencing up.
There is a bit over 500′ that has been set up now.
We would like to thank an anonymous person for coming by and donating some wormers and other items today. Thank you so much! It is so nice having the rescue at an easier to get to location where people can more easily drop by and donate needed items.
Under the picnic table, Chance was hanging out. Chance was abandoned on the side of the road and picked up by our staff. We have held him for much longer than needed, and as no one has claimed him, he is available for adoption. He is up to date on his shots and we also had him gelded, oh wait, that is neutered for dogs. He is a sweet guy and loves hanging out with people. He is ready for a l
oving home, adoption fee $50.
By this time Raja’s adopters came to adopt her. Their application had been approved and they were excited! But then the adopter said “I know there are horses that are hard to place, I want to give one of them a home.” She looked through all the hard to place horses, and chose Silver as their pasture pal.

Tawnee did get away from the baby long enough to help Raja load.

Silver was a good boy and hopped right in. Thank you so much for giving these two a great home. We are sure that Silver will like having a ‘girlfriend’ instead of grumpy guys that don’t like him. Thank you!

Tawnee finally got a great sunset photo at the new facility. It is truly beautiful.

We would like to ask for your support once again in helping with Lucky’s cryptorchid gelding surgery. We do not have the funds to have this expensive surgery done, and we cannot adopt out a stallion. The only way he can find a home is to have his surgery done. You can make this happen! Please donate to help with Lucky’s gelding surgery, click here. Your donations will be greatly appreciated, and Lucky thanks you too! Please give him the gift of life.

Many thanks to anonymous and an IBM employee for their generous donations over the weekend! You can see your name here tomorrow, just click.

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these horses. I have a 5 year old rescue quarter horse mare that I have been working with for the past year. I just found out Im pregnant and going to send her off to further her training but looking forward to getting back in the saddle soon afterward.

    Hopefully my first day back will be a little easier than yours 🙂

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