Thanks to your generous donations, Lucky’s gelding fund is at $570! Thank you so much for giving this lovely boy a second chance at life. There is only $230 left to go! Any funds raised above the actual cost of the surgery will go towards gelding the new colts that were rescued off the kb truck yesterday.

Speaking of the boys, they are resting comfortably at Phoenix Fields (the name of the property at the new facility, named by the largest donor who donated a large portion of the down payment. Phoenix Fields is not the name of the Humane Society, Horse Plus Humane Society is still the name of choice.)

It is truly sad seeing these poor babies in such horrid condition.

We are fearful that this boys tendons are damaged and that we will not be able to save him. We sure are going to do what we can though! All three of these colts have an appointment at the vet on the 7th. No doubt we will be getting xrays to find out what is going on inside.
The amazing thing is, these guys are really full of life and fun. Spending almost their entire life in a stall, they are really happy to get out and stretch their legs. It’s just hard seeing them play with such horrid hoof conditions.
They are lucky little guys, lucky to be out of their breeders home and at the rescue. We were told that their previous home was a breeder, and due to financial difficulties, has gotten over their heads. It is so sad that people have bred horses, thinking they can sell them and make money. These are all registered QH, but we do not have the papers as the breeders do not want to be known. Times are hard and it does not look like the horse market is rebounding soon: please don’t breed! Adopt a baby in need instead.
The mature stallion who spent three years in a horse trailer is extremely heart wrenching. He is a sweet guy and just yearns for attention. We were told that his owner was a police officer and keeping this horse in a horse trailer for 3 years is a felony under CA penal code 597, animal abuse and welfare. Once convicted of a felony, it would strip them of their officer powers and other life-long consequences. Does anyone have any ideas where this horse may have been kept? As an officer they know the law and swore to uphold the law. What other laws are they violating in their back yard? To confine a living animal to 3 years in a tiny jail, in solitary confinement, is just pure evil.
This horse has life long consequences because his owners sentenced him to jail for 3 years. We have had 1 person step forward and offer to sponsor him for $25 a month. His cryptorchid surgery costs about $1,000, we are going to have him evaluated by our vet tomorrow to see if he even has a chance at a good quality of life. If you can pledge to sponsor him for $25 a month or more, please let us know as soon as possible as we have to make tough decisions soon.
We received one email that saddens our hearts:
“Hi, this is not a hard decision, just clip him and let him heal… He will make a grat companion or maybe even a child’s horse just to love, give the poor guy a chance, which no one else has been willing to do. How you could think about putting him down is beyond me! Do you need help , is that it? Hire me to work at the expo and I will gladly ask for donations for him…Please be more creative, this poor stallion needs some love, not a needle to kill him. Have you ever cut an older stallion that was in so much pain before? If you are thinking he will be troublem imagine instead he will be greatful and know he is very smart, he will know you saved him, he could be a truly great old horse!”
We will certainly know more after he is evaluated tomorrow, his legs sure are deformed. Our policy is not to say “No” to horses we know cannot be adopted. We have an open door policy as funds and space allow. We are reaching out for help, we have asked for sponsors if his quality of life will allow him to live a pain free life. We certainly will not force him to live on in pain and misery if that is what he is experiencing. Tough decisions, we wish there was a waiting home and a pain free life for every horse.
On a much brighter note, Cheyenne and Dakota are in adoption pending together! These two are definitely in love and we are so happy that they will be able to stay together. Their new mom is anxiously waiting for her adoption application to be processed and is so excited. That is what it’s all about, horses that were once unwanted finding adoptive homes where they are loved and cared for forever, with a new mommy that is so excited about them.
Bucky and Lucky have buddied up and enjoy hanging out together. Lucky wants to say a big “Thank you!” to all of you who care enough about him to make it possible to have his surgery. He isn’t looking forward to his surgery, but he wants to spend time with the girls, and if that is the only way, he is willing to endure it.
Chance is still patiently waiting for someone to open their heart and home to him. He is a very sweet guy that is full of life and happiness. He is waiting for a home patiently, but he wants a new home sooner than later and his patience is running out!
Jason is buffing out with all the hard work, especially the baton training, but today he exercised getting door knobs with locks into the office trailer.
Then the med room started getting its makeover. It started out with somewhat dreary paneling…
…and by the time Jason and Alex were done with the 2nd coat of white paint, it was starting to look a lot nicer. It still has a ways to go, but it is on its way to becoming so
mething we can all be proud of.
Macho Man got a wonderful bath today, no doubt he is wondering what all the personal hygiene is all about these days.
We got a very wonderful UPS package today that is going to be extremely useful in setting up the new property: a 2 man post hole digger with a 10″ bit just the right size for railroad ties. Thank you!
Jason got it assembled, it sure is a pretty little machine.
He then test drilled a hole to make sure it works. It does. He can’t wait to buff out some more putting holes in all over the new property.
The Girl Scout troop that put up the white fence was in the newspaper. We are so glad that they chose us to volunteer at, and we hope to see them again later. They are always welcome! To read the article, click here.

We can’t thank each and every one of you that donated today, it really warms our hearts and Lucky wants us to give you a carrot. We can’t do that, so we will give the carrot to him instead! Suzanne F., Gail G., Laura D., Joni M., Pamela N., Christine G., Kathleen T., Paula G., Sara H., Sondra W., Cindy M., Diane P., Judy H. all donated today to various needs. Thank you so much!

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