This morning Tawnee went into Bellana and her mommy’s pen to get a halter on Ballena. She really didn’t want it on, and was more than willing to play tag in the pen. Soon Jason put the camera down and helped Tawnee get a halter on her. They both loaded into the trailer with no problem for the ride to Phoenix Fields.

Out at the new facility Jason and Alex unloaded Ballena and her mom and put them into a waiting pen. Ballena’s mom is such a sweet girl, we can’t wait to evaluate her to see if she is trained to ride.

Soon they were settled in and resting comfortable. Ballena enjoyed running around, bucking and kicking her heels in joy.

We have a lot of horses at the rescue right now that have not been evaluated. It seems that all of our evaluators and trainers are a bit beat up right now.

This beauty is waiting for his evaluation to be done so he can go up on the website and find a home!

Tawnee headed out to pick up 3 more horses that Animal Control had surrendered to us yesterday. In almost no time at all she was pulling back into the rescue with a precious load in the trailer.

Tawnee backed up to the waiting gate.

One by one the horses came out.

Soon they were resting comfortably. They were seized by Animal Control, we can’t give out their story other than they were not being cared for properly. They came from the same place as Ballena and her mommy.

We would like to continue to thank Howard for paying for the septic service. They were out cleaning the outhouse once again today.

Bucky the donkey was adopted today! We can’t thank Deb enough for giving Bucky such a wonderful home where he can be best friends with a little donkey.

It was sad to see Bucky leave, but we know he will be well loved and cared for. Let’s hope he behaves himself and can have a home forever. Goodbye Bucky, we really enjoyed hearing your loud brays at the rescue!

A huge thank you to Kristen D. for her extremely generous donation! We really appreciate it!

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