There was a huge project planned for the day, it started with everyone stretching electric rope. We were planning on getting the rest of the property fenced off with electric fencing so the horses could get out and enjoy the 20 acres.

The colts with the long hooves are really settling in nicely and are all becoming friendly and love attention. We have named them Flipper Boy, Dipper, Toesy. They are such sweet boys.

Flipper Boy loved it when April was playing when his nose.
Some nice folks came out to meet the horses. They fell in Gray and put him in adoption pending. They are also planning on adopting Cooper but he was at the vet for evaluation, so they couldn’t meet him in person. That might be a good thing because now they have fallen in love with Gray and want to adopt both Gray and Cooper!
We had 1 visitor who was looking for a nice 8-15 year old gelding, broke to ride. We told her to keep an eye on the blog, when we do rescue those they don’t tend to stay around too long. She hung out at the rescue visiting the other horses and soon a trailer pulled in with some horses to be surrendered that we were expecting.

One by one the horses started coming out of the trailer. This is Dually, 8 year off the track TB, 16.3 hands. He’s a big beautiful boy!

Next Maverick, a 3 year old APHA gelding, 14.2 hand boy came out of the trailer. He is ready to be trained to ride!

Then it was Ace’s turn to get out. He is 12 years old, QH / Percheron gelding, 15.3 hands. He is trained to ride and he is now in adoption pending to the lady that came out looking for a riding horse. He will be evaluated and once her adoption application is approved he will be heading home!
Last of all a beautiful 3 year old QH gelding, 14.3 hands, named Cooper got out. We already have a Cooper, so we are going to call this boy Smokey Cooper. His registered name is Through the Smoke.
Smokey Cooper is such a beautiful boy!
Thanks to all the volunteers working hard, it was now safe to let the horses out to run free. It was so exciting, we had all waited so long for this day to come.
One by one the horses were let out. They couldn’t believe their eyes as they trotted across the field.
Ballena and her mommy really enjoyed getting out and running. It was so cute to see Ballena kicking, bucking and frolicking.
More horses were let out, and you could tell they were so excited.
Pretty soon the herd got together and a race was on. Gray Boy led the pack so proudly. Come to find out, Tia is the biggest slowpoke around. She just couldn’t keep up with everyone. Her little legs can’t move fast enough. Apparently she hasn’t found 5th gear yet.
It was so beautiful to see them running free. Tawnee took video of it, but we are still having some internet issues, but we are hoping to have it up on Facebook later today.
The long toed boys finally had their day to head off to the vet.
It is so wonderful knowing that the next time they are at the rescue they will be in much better condition. Seeing babies in this condition has been so hard on our staff, volunteers and visitors.
Finally they were all loaded up and off down the road they went. Sadly, the camera battery died and this is the last picture of the day…
Many thanks to Diane P., Iris L., Natalie K., Donna A., Teresa L., Patricia F., Yvonne P., Constance W., Glennis R. for their extremely generous donations over the weekend! We sure couldn’t do it without you!

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