The last two nights the blog has not been able to be published as the internet refuses to work properly. Last night we couldn’t even publish on Facebook that the internet wasn’t working! Finally late in the night a short comment was able to be published on Facebook, but then the internet died again. It seems to work fine during the day, so we are planning on posting blogs in the AM until further notice.
Today was Lucky’s big day to go to the vet. He looked out of the trailer wide eyed, wondering what this new adventure would hold for him.
He couldn’t believe his eyes when he got to the vet. There were so many new sights and sounds. His cryptorchid gelding surgery is planned for Monday, thanks to your generosity! He has been brought to the vet early, with the horse expo coming right up, we will be unable to get him out to the vet any other time. This way he can settle in and get comfortable too.
As many of you remember, the colts with the long hooves had been taken out on Sunday to the vet in preparation for their hoof care and surgeries. We were really worried about Toesy, he was the one with the longest hooves. His hooves were so long we were afraid his tendons may have been permanently damaged. When Tawnee arrived at the vet today the vet had already sedated him for evaluation.
As he was coming out of his stall Tawnee took a video. It is really sad to see how hard it is for him to move around. This would have been prevented with even bare minimal hoof care, not locking him in a stall for most of his life. To watch Toesy’s video, click here.
Xrays were taken to see if there was permanent damage done inside Toesy’s legs.

On the outside he was walking on his hairline, which was bruised.

The xrays showed that he was walking on his navicular bone on the inside. That is extremely painful! He was being such a brave boy. His tendons were stretched beyond repair and since he had lived most of his short life in this condition, there was nothing medically that could be done for this poor boy. We had to say “Goodbye, we love you” to this poor baby. We are comforted knowing that he knew love and that he knew people cared for him. He was able to spend a few days in the sun with his friends out of his cell.

Flipper Boy was the next colt to be examined. He looked wide eyed wondering what would be found out.

A small old eye injury was found in his left eye, but he still has vision in it. He is aged at just under a year old, so he is the youngest of the three.
When he heard the vet was going to examine him to make sure he was ready to be gelded, his eyes almost popped out. Gelded!?!
It is good that he is younger, this is the only thing that has prevented his feet from growing out so long. We are thankful we got him in time, a few more months in a stall without hoof care and he would no doubt be in the same condition as Toesy.
Xrays were taken of Flipper Boy’s feet to make sure there was not permanent damage, and to our greatest relief, there was none. This little boy made it to us in time.
He was heavily sedated and the trimming began.
His poor little feet. The wonderful gift of trimming was being given to this young boy, probably for the first time in his life.
Inch by inch the excess hoof was cut off.
His heels were so incredibly long. This one half of it had already broken off before Tawnee picked it up.
The rasp started filing away.
The file kept working and soon cute little hooves emerged.
Flipper Boy was led to the operating room for his gelding surgery. Poor guy, he got it all done in one day!
He was given more medication for the surgery.
Soon he was farther in la-la land and everyone was working quickly to get his surgery done.
Shortly after his surgery was done he started waking up. He was a bit bewildered while he was waking up in the recovery room. Look at his cute little hooves!
Soon he was up and walking out of the recovery room a completely new boy. His feet were done and he is now a gelding. No babies in his future!
He was led back to his stall…
…and was soon resting comfortably.
The 3rd colt did not get done as he was a little obstinate about being caught. We are going to give him some time and let him settle in some more. We are so happy that Flipper Boy is well on his way to a new start in life.
On the way back Tawnee had to stop at the Post Office. There was a lovely big box, it had a new batch of wormers in it.
The video finally got uploaded of the horses running free at Phoenix Fields. To watch it, click here.

Today the horses were hanging out a little more mellow, just enjoying their wide open spaces.
Many thanks to Rocking Z Staples, Anna P., Suzanne M., Taryn M., Sea Horse Training, Bandit Blue, Katie G., Yvonne W., Josh W., Lance A., Heidi J., Cindy M., Rhonda L., Michael B., Marilyn R., Select Enterprises, Show Dressed Up, Carla G. for their extremely generous donations. We sure couldn’t help horses like Toesy and Flipper Boy without you!

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