Today was the monthly farrier day at the rescue. Thanks to Aaron for coming out today and getting the horses all trimmed up. Gray enjoyed getting his hooves trimmed and was a very good boy. He stood there and soaked in all the attention.

It was nice getting Aaron out. With the move the farrier days got a little disrupted but they should be back on track now.

Ballena looked on as her mom got her feet trimmed. She was wondering “What is going on, would someone please explain this to me!”
But then she got her feet done too. She was completely amazed at the whole operation, but thankfully she was a very good girl and thought about everything.
Ballena is so adorable! She has had her very first trim and was so adorable through it all.
Macho Man is getting all ready for the expo. He also got his feet done today.
Many thanks to Sara H., Becky W., Gail G., Customink.com, for their generous donations!

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