This morning Larry and April were at the rescue waiting for 2 horses that were being surrendered today. They are big beautiful girls! They are both Standardbreds, their owner was no longer able to keep them so they came to us. They are 17 and 18 years old. Their names are: Precious Butler and Raes’s Creek. We are told they are trained to drive.

Next another trailer pulled in with a little ears just barely visible. It is so sad there are so many horses that have to come to the rescue as they have no where else to go.

Meet Strawberry, a 17 year old born in captivity Mustang mare who is just adorable! She is about 13 hands. Yes, one of her ears are shorter than her other ear. She was born in a cold climate a little too early and it got frostbitten off. It just adds to her adorable look though. We are told she is trained to ride and pack.
Dottie and Strawberry wanted to get to acquainted as they will be neighbors for now.

Macho Man loaded up into the mini-van and looked wide eyed all around, he knew he was heading somewhere fun!

Down the road they went for a couple hours.
Soon staff and volunteers were setting up the Western States Horse Expo booth, 2211 in building B.
Macho Man wanted to get in on the action too. His main goal was making sure the candy bags were there, he always wants a piece of candy! He only got 1 piece instead of the whole bag like he had planned.
While the booth was being set up, Tawnee and Macho Man went exploring. He came across a car he would like buy very much, it even had a little horse driving that didn’t talk much. Macho Man wanted to take her out on a date, but then he remembered Dottie might not like that very much.
When Tawnee and Macho Man got back to the booth, it was all set up and looked amazing.
Next Jason, Tawnee and the volunteers headed over to watch a Rescue Horse makeover. It is going to be a TV show called “Help Rescue Me” or something like that. Macho Man enjoyed watching the horses and making new friends. Many of the horses that were being showcased were horses that Jason and Tawnee had gone back to Nebraska to help rescue at the 3 Strikes Ranch fiasco.
Jason, Tawnee and Deb loaded over 100 wild mustangs into trailers in 1 day. It was exhausting. They were emaciated, bedraggled and very weak. All almost at the point of death, 72 horses had already died on the ranch from starvation. Seeing these horses now, beautiful and under saddle, brought tears to Tawnee’s eyes. Looking at this horse you would have never known that recently it was starved, abused and almost dead from starvation.
Macho Man got to meet the mascott of the Grace Foundation. Two cute little mini’s.

Please remember the rescue will be closed this Sunday due to the rescue.
Many thanks to Anonymous, Denise S., Pat B., Claudia S., Margaret B., Sara H., Kristen D., Judith H., Danielle C., Donna A., William E., for their generous donations! We couldn’t do it without you.

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