6-11-10 Horse Expo

Friday morning bright and early Macho Man was getting ready for his big day at the Horse Expo. He wanted to look his best.

Soon he was all ready to go. He was all dressed up and waiting, he enjoyed a nice snack before he got to work.

While Macho Man was enjoying his snack, we heard a voice say “Is that Macho Man?” One of our blog readers recognized him and just had to come over and say “Hi.”

Soon Macho Man was leading the group of volunteers to the booth. He was excited, full of life and prancing around in his stylish shoes.

It was a good group of staff and volunteers that showed up for the first day. We can’t thank everyone enough for showing up to do what they could to help.

Soon Macho Man was in his element, making friends and causing big smiles. People love posing with him!

Macho Man always brings such huge smiles to peoples faces.

Macho Man got his first ride in the elevator. At first he thought he was just walking into another room, but then the door closed by itself.

Macho Man had never felt the weird sensation of an elevator taking off, and he was a bit worried about the whole thing. He was a good boy through it all and probably thinks it is fun now.

Macho Man had to stop by his favorite car once again and give the horse girl a kiss. He knew Dottie wasn’t anywhere in sight… Tawnee was sworn to secrecy too.

Macho Man is doing great and was selling buttons. Lots of people knew who he is this year and they were mostly willing to donate a couple dollars to help the rescue. Macho Man loves the green stuff!

There are a lot of people who took pictures of Macho Man last year. One lady said “I saw him last year!” She pulled out her cell phone and there was a picture from last year on it. Another man walked up with a card and said “That’s Macho Man, I photographed him last year.”

Macho Man also learned that people sitting at booths can be a little bored sometimes and more than willing to share their lunch with him.

Soon the long day was over and Macho Man had sold over 500 buttons. Way to go Macho Man!

Soon he was loading up for the drive back to the rescue where he got a well deserved day off.

Please remember the rescue is closed today (Sunday) because of the horse expo.

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