Today was going to be a long day at the vet. Right after Tawnee arrived, she said “Hi” to Flipper, who is really doing great. His hooves look so good and he is just really blossoming.

Today was Lucky’s big day. He was about to have the largest surgery that has ever been done to one of our rescued horses.

Soon he was drifting into la-la land.
Next he was taken into the padded room to be laid down.
The drugs took effect and soon he was down on the floor. Immediately a flurry of activity commenced.
He was going to be hoisted up and moved into the operating room.
Up he went! It was a good thing he didn’t know any of this was happening, can you imagine how scared he would have been?
He went from the padded recovery room into the operating room on a really nifty hoist.
Soon he was above the operating table.
Then he was lowered gently onto the table.
Meanwhile Dr Brown was scrubbing up in preparation for the surgery.
Dr Weaver and the vet techs were preparing for the surgery.
Soon Dr Brown was hard at work. These types of surgeries can be very stressful.
His surgery went on and on and on. Finally the hidden testicle was found and removed. Then they removed the normal one.
The surgery was finally over, a complete success for Lucky. He is no longer a cryptorchid stallion, he is a beautiful gelding.
He was hoisted back up and moved into the recovery room.
Dr Brown attended to him as he slept the drugs off.
Soon he was up and you could tell by the look on his face he was wondering what happened to him.
After he was stable he was able to be moved out of the recovery room.
He was led out to his waiting stall in the barn.
Wow, what a big day for Lucky! We would like to thank you all for making this possible for him, he is such an adorable little guy, but without your support we would have been forced to make a very hard decision for him.
Today wasn’t long enough, it was time for another gelding operation! Dipper, one of the colts with long hooves, was being prepared for his gelding.
Soon he was in the padded room while the drugs were taking effect.
Dr Weaver got to work. This gelding operation was a normal one, it went so quickly and seemed so easy compared to Lucky’s.
Soon Dipper was up looking a little bewildered.
He was led out of the recovery room and…
…taken to his waiting stall. It was hot and Kayla wanted to make him more comfortable…
…so he got a nice bath with cool water.
Finally Dipper was in his stall. You have got to know he thinks his life is getting better. People are actually spending time with him, giving him baths, taking care of him. He may be a little scared he will be in the stall for months at a time, but he can know that he will not.
Many thanks to all of you who support the rescue, Lucky is very lucky to have friends like you!

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