Tawnee called up Home at Last Sanctuary. She knew they have a special place in their hearts of long-ears and blind Appy’s. They agreed to take Annie and Cowa and give them a forever home.

Cowa walked right up to the trailer and stepped right in. She is such a good old gal.

Annie listened intently so she could hear what was going on with her friend. Cathy told her everything would be OK.
Annie loaded right up in the trailer as well. She had listened to Cowa and knew exactly what to do.
While Annie and Cowa were loading up, another horse came into the rescue. Meet Dash, a 21 year old QH gelding who has some slight lameness issues. We are told he is very well trained to ride, but should only be used for light riding.

He is just gorgeous, looking at him you would never guess he is 21.

Tawnee got into the truck to head to Home at Last.

Down the road they went. Tawnee felt the weight in the trailer shift slightly. She figured the gals were re-adjusting themselves. Then she felt another movement so she pulled over to make sure they were OK.
Tawnee couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked in the trailer and found Annie dead. Over 1,300 horses rescued since 2003, this has never happened before. It shook Tawnee up quite a bit, she couldn’t believe what just happened. She redirected her plans to go to the vet instead of Home at Last. At the vet Cowa was unloaded.
Poor girl, she looked a little bewildered and confused. She didn’t know what was going on. She called back to Annie, hoping to get a response.
Cowa was put in a nice clean stall while Annie was examined. The vet determined she must have had a heart attack or aneurysm.
Tawnee said “Hi” to Lucky who is hanging out at the vet for awhile. We want to make sure he is completely recovered from his cryptorchid surgery before bringing him back to the rescue.
Tawnee peaked into the recovery room at the vet office to find a colt recovering from being gelded. He is being gelded thanks to your support to the gelding program.
Tawnee said “Goodbye” to Annie and then loaded Cowa up to take her to Home at Last. She had called Home at Last to explain what had happened, and that they would only be getting 1 new friend today.
Soon Cowa was at Home at Last, still a little bewildered at the events of the day. Annie had showed no signs of distress and everything seemed normal. To lose her so quickly was such a shock to everybody.
Jim and Cowa met, and you could tell they hit it off. Tawnee had a lot to do, so she was unable to hang out and say hi to all the horses at Home at Last. Thank you so much for giving Cowa a wonderful forever home.
Tawnee hit the road once again to the next destination.
At that destination she picked up Carlos, but we referred to him as Mr Wilson in previous blogs.
Mr Wilson was taken to the rescue so we can now find him a wonderful new home. He has been with us for awhile now, but has been in rehab. He is looking gorgeous now!
Carlos (Mr Wilson) came to us earlier in the year, he was rescued from another rescue by an individual who was fearing for the well being of the horses at this rescue. He has made a beautiful recovery, it is just sad that he had to go through this. In the future we will be telling his story.
From the rescue Tawnee and April headed out for the last pickup of the day.
Soon they were up in the mountains and were picking up Quest. Quest was loved greatly by his family, who had him since he was 4 months old. He is now 10 years old. They are losing their home and were no longer able to keep him. He was rescued as a PMU baby and was adopted by this family. When he got older he had to go through a cryptorchid gelding surgery.
Tawnee and April headed back to the rescue.
Quest was a good boy and hopped right out of the trailer.
He seems to enjoy his new pen, and settled in quite comfortably. He is enjoying nice yummy horse food now. Quest is the 120th horse that we have rescued this year.
April unhooked the trailer, ending a long, busy and very eventful day.
Many thanks to all of you who support the rescue both financially and emotionally. We couldn’t do it without you!

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