Larry, April and Cathy headed out from the rescue early this morning on a long trip. Dakota and Cheyenne were being adopted and they needed a ride to their new home.

They are both such beautiful horses and are so attached to each other. We are so glad we were able to find them a home together.

Cheyenne definitely put on a few too many pounds while at the rescue. Her new mommy will have to watch her weight as she is an easy keeper.
Dakota was happy to get out and get in the same pen with his Cheyenne.
After that they hit the road again as there were two horses that needed to be picked up to come into the rescue.
Meet Rio – he is in his late teens, and had to come to the rescue as his human mommy passed away and he had no where else to go. How sad! Please make lifetime plans for your animals, you just never know what will happen.
Rio was a good boy and followed Cathy right into the trailer.
He was glad to know that they were heading off to pick up another horse so he wouldn’t have a lonely trip.
Deneigh is a 23 year old Arab mare who had been abandoned. We were asked if we would take her.
Deneigh is an absolute doll and is such a pretty girl.
Rio loved meeting Deneigh and together they rode the 5 hours back to the rescue. It was a long day for everybody.
A huge thank you goes to Sheri B. and Lee E. for their generous support. We greatly appreciate it!

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