This didn’t make it into Monday’s blog because we hadn’t gotten the pictures off the camera yet, but Strawberry got adopted! For many of our long-time followers, they may remember Sebastian, a beautiful Palomino gelding, from a long time ago. They had adopted him and loved him for many years, but sadly last year they lost him to colic. They wanted to add a new family member, and they all fell in love with Strawberry. We just know that Strawberry is going to a great home!

We gave all of our staff Tuesday off so they could emotionally deal with what had happened Sunday.

Wednesday was a day at the vet. Rose, the lame mare from the KB, needed to go and be evaluated. Ace needed to go for a pre-adoption exam.
The hay guys brought out a load of hay, the horses sure love seeing the hay guys show up, but the pocket book doesn’t! It is definitely one of the top 3 expenses of the rescue. The other two top expenses are vet care and rescue expenses.
Tawnee headed off with Rose, Ace and some horses that had come in early for the euthanasia clinic who where not adoptable. Wednesday was also the euthanasia clinic day. Our next euthanasia clinic is going to be July 14th. It sure is bug season, in no time at all the windshield was coated with poor bugs.
Ace and Rose were put in stalls so they could get their examinations done. Ace was wide eyed, taking everything in.
Rose had come from the KB and was very lame.
We feared that she had severely foundered and we thought her coffin bone might be really rotated.
Thanks to Dano’s fund we have the resources to get her x-rays done to find out for sure what is going on in there.
To our greatest relief the x-ray showed that we should be able to save her. Her sole is extremely thin, it is only .19 in thick, far too thin. That would explain why she doesn’t like walking on that leg very much!
Next it was Ace’s turn for his lameness exam.

Dr Weaver put him through his paces.

Round and round, this way and that. It was found that he has an old sole abscess and that was what was causing him trouble. He is on antibiotics and should be just fine in no time.
The euthanasia clinics are always hard, people giving up their beloved horses. It is always comforting knowing that these horses did not end up in the hands of the kb’s or in the slaughter pipeline.
This guy came into the clinic. He is a 9 year old BLM mustang.
He has a large swelling on the outside of his hock. He was given an initial evaluation by our vet to see what was going on. He is going to stay at the vet for further examination to determine if this is something serious.
He sure is a beautiful boy and we hope to bring him into our adoption program.
At the end of the day it was nice to be able to bring Rose back to the rescue with a plan to help her recover. We were afraid we were going to lose her too.

Thursday, April and Larry had a pickup to do, a 30 year old mare. She needed to come to the rescue. April and her kids just fell in love with her and have decided to adopt her. When they were there picking her up, the lady said she needed to get rid of her goats too and asked if they would take them as well.

So now we welcome 3 goats to the rescue.

Mr T wanted to make sure they knew he was boss right from the git-go. They all looked on with amazement at the giant monster.
The goat from the KB health seems to be improving. She is still dreadfully thin, but her appetite is increasing and she is more alert. She enjoys being able to eat grain an
d nice yummy alfalfa.
This morning, Friday, Ace and Rio were getting ready to load up into the trailer and head to their new home.
Soon they were off.
Their new mom and dad are so happy to finally have their new babies. Thank you so much for giving these guys such a loving home, and for giving Rio a new mommy.
At the rescue, a horse was being surrendered. Meet Mystic, a 7 year old off the track TB. His owner loved him very much, but could no longer keep him due to the economy.
He is a big beautiful boy, pushing 17 hands. He is trained to ride but hasn’t been ridden in awhile. The lady says that every time she does get him ready to ride, she puts him in a roundpen with the saddle and he bucks for awhile. Then when he is done he is just fine for trail riding. It’s just what he likes to do.
Shortly after Mystic came Cooper and Gray Boy’s mom and dad came to adopt them and take them home.
They posed for a quick snapshot for their adoption photo before loading the boys into the trailer. What a wonder way to end this hard week: 4 horses going home on a Friday!
We haven’t featured an eBay Giving Works item for awhile, because there haven’t been any, but today we would like to feature this Dooney and Bourke leather purse. It is currently $3.99 and 50% of the proceeds go to help the rescue! To view this item, click here.

A huge “Thank You!” goes to William E., Becky H., Gail G., Iris L., Elizabeth N., Donetta F., Todd W., Stephanie H., Yuhua Z., Jodi T., Heather R., Constance S., Cristi S., Samantha T. who all donated to save lifes since the last blog. You guys are definitely the horses heros!

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