We would like to give a huge “Thank You!” to the contractor, Mark, who has volunteered time and material to get the office looking absolutely stunning. His enthusiasm is just amazing and really inspiring to all those at the rescue.

There is so much to do! Mark has been getting materials donated. So far he has gotten two a/c units donated, one for the tack room, one for the med room and a refrigerator for the medicines, an indoor and an outdoor sink, and some other stuff. We told him that if there was anything we needed to get to finish it off just let us know. Jason headed into town (yes Jason is feeling a bit better, but both eardrums have burst and he only has 10% of his hearing) with a short list to get the needed items so Mark can keep working on it tomorrow.

The office is being stripped down to the rough structure, there was some water damage to the existing paneling.
We had some folks come out today who are interesting in adopting some goats. They really fell in love with them and hope to add some more goats to their family soon.
It was the hottest day we have had yet at Phoenix Fields. Yahoo Weather says it was 102 degrees today and we believe them.
As we all know the best way to cool off is to get wet. Having lots of water at Phoenix Fields makes it very easy to cool all the animals off. The horses love coming up to the fence to get sprayed off. One will come up, get all wet, and leave to go roll in the dirt. Then another horse comes up for his turn at getting all wet. What fun!
Then a horse trailer pulled into the rescue. Another horse who’s owner could no longer keep her.
The new horse looked all around with amazement, so many new horses to meet.
We would like you to meet Gummy Girl, a 17 year off the track TB mare that had been used as a brood mare. She is trained to lead and is looking for a home where she can hang out in the pasture and look beautiful.
Tawnee and April spent a large part of the day with Lily, the 2 year old that came off the KB trailer that had been used for Mexican roping. She has so many fears of people and ropes. She has a long ways to go to get her trust back. Poor girl!
After about 2 hours in the hot sun Tawnee was able to rub her neck, which then Lily’s eyes grew wide and her lips began to twitch.
She just couldn’t believe that after two hours of silly people trying to get close to her, all they wanted to do was rub her neck and make her feel so good. It is so nice to be able to show her some love and kindness, and that there are humans out there who really do care and will be kind to her. It’s nice being able to show her that life is not just about being roped and thrown on the ground while people laugh and cheer.
We received an email today that we sent out in a special E-News. This poor donkey was abused so bad. It reminded us of Spring Bo’s owner, letting the animal get in such bad condition and then shooting it. Thankfully Spring Bo’s owner hasn’t shot him yet, but he has stated repeatedly that he is planning on it. If you didn’t read about this poor donkey, please take a moment to read about it and write a letter to those that can make a difference. Please be respectful and courteous in your communication with the authorities. To read about the donkey, click here.
We know you all enjoy reading the blog, just a FYI, this is the 800th post. If you have read all 800, we would love to hear from you!
Thank you so much for your donations and support that make our rescue efforts possible! Sara H., Andrew C., Karen B., Constance W., LKW Sporthorses, all donated to make the rescue possible.

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  1. Congrats on the 800th!!! Hooray!!
    You all do a great job…and thanks to Mark! How nice!!!
    I have read most all of them:0) I am hooked to these everyday! I love to hear all the things you accomplish in one day!!! Makes me feel like I can complete my day!!!:0)
    Thank you again!

  2. i look forward to reading about all the rescues, some with great endings, some are not. without you their would be no happy endings.I have smiled, cried and thank GOD for you .we have had very old horses that have been with us many years, its never easy saying good bye when the time comes. several are buried here at the farm. we will always remember them as our family members.thank you, gloria

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