This morning Jason and Tawnee headed up the Feather River Canyon to help some horses in need of a new home. It is such a beautiful drive this time of year, beautiful green trees, rugged rocks and a lovely river.

If you have never driven Hwy 70 from Oroville to Quincy, you have missed out on many exciting sights including a few tunnels.

Since we were in the area we stopped by Quincy Stables to see if they had any horses they wanted to surrender. Terry surrendered this sweet old gal from his riding program as her leg was getting to be in too bad of shape to carry kids anymore.
Then it was back on the road to the next pickup spot.
The next stop was picking up 4 little mini’s who had been severely neglected and then abandoned.
This little guy is so incredibly cute! He is a 5 year old miniature stallion, who will soon be a 5 year old miniature gelding. When the lady who arranged for us to pick up these minis came home, this little guy was tied to her fence, abandoned at her house. How sad.
His feet are in poor shape, but not the worst Jason and Tawnee saw today.
Here is the story on this poor little guy: “The previous owner sold him to a family. This was almost 3 years ago. In response to a comment from a neighbor of the family to this previous owner, she had driven by several times in the last few months. Yesterday she got a bad feeling, and drove over there this morning. The house is vacant. She went around to the back, and found the stallion, starving and with hooves like nightmares, he looks like he had not been trimmed in the whole time they had him.”
Poor little guy, it is so heartless to have left him behind when they moved.
Just look at those incredibly sad hooves.
It is unimaginable to us how someone could allow their sweet little mini to get into this condition and do nothing about it. These are the worst mini feet we have ever seen.
There were also 2 little goats who needed a home as well. It’s a good thing we have a big trailer!
The drive back was quite long and uneventful other than the sunshine glaring right into the windshield.
Soon it had slipped behind the hills making absolutely stunning silhouets.
Once they came out of the canyon Jason and Tawnee were met with an absolutely spectacular sunset. You know how much Tawnee loves taking pictures of sunsets!
Many thanks to Diane P. for her generous donation to the Dano Fund. Please remember that the Dano Fund is used to help horses just like the ones in todays blog. If you would like to contribute to Dano’s Fund to help these little mini’s, please click here. There are going to be gelding costs, xrays, medical care, the list goes on and on.

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