This morning the little stallions were looking out at their new world. They will be staying at the old facility until they can be taken to the vet for evaluation and gelding operations.

The poor little white guy is so uncomfortable with his hooves. He has a vet appointment on Wednesday.

At the rescue, Dually was making a splash, literally! He loves to play in the water.
He even loves to drink water right out of the hose.
For good measure, he likes to pick up the hose and play with it.
He tries his best to spray other horses and people if they get too close. So far he hasn’t managed to spray any horses, but he has gotten really close to spraying some people. We would like to thank everyone again who donated to the well fund, it is such a blessing to have an endless stream of water. Without your donation, this water would not be possible.
Jason got to work on the office getting it ready for contractor Mark to come finish it up. The ceiling had glued on fiberboard, and it all had to be stripped down to the plywood. It was a long, hard, hot, sweaty, dusty job but finally it was all finished.
On Sunday we had the family come out who wanted to add some goats to their family. Today was the day for them to get transported to their lovely new home. The two Nubians were loaded up, someone else is adopting the black one Cookie Dough. The two little fat Nigerian Dwarfs from yesterdays rescue were also loaded up.
Soon they had arrived and Tawnee opened the door and looked inside. They seemed a little bewildered and wondered what was going on.
The two little Nigerian Dwarfs were led to their new pen where their new buddies were waiting for them. Their little girls were so excited with the new family members! Their pen is a little hilly with big rocks for the goats to have fun jumping on, so maybe this guy can work on trimming his waist down a little bit.
Then the Nubians were led down. We would like to thank this family for giving these rescued goats such a lovely home where they will never be eaten.
This eBay Giving Works item is just so cute. It is a Wrangler Diaper Cover and size 3 cowboy boots. They are in like new condition they still have the original price tag on them. The starting bid is only $10, and 25% of the sale price goes to help the horses. To bid on this item, click here.
Many thanks to Anonymous, Gail G., Patricia M. – in memory of Dear Heart, for their very generous donations!

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