This morning Tawnee was on the way to the vet with the two little mini stallions and Rose, who wasn’t doing well on her feet and was experiencing a lot of pain.

Soon Rose was settled into a stall with lots of shavings to make her as comfortable as possible. She will stay at the vet for a few days and come back after the weekend.

The poor little white mini, King, was examined and xrays were taken. We were really hoping that his hooves were just overgrown and there was no permanent damage inside. We hoped with corrective trimming we could save this precious little life.
The xrays were horrible to see. There was nothing that could ever be done to make him comfortable.
His coffin bone had literally deteriorated. So very sad. This could have easily been prevented with trimming, but due to the lack of responsibility of his old owner, this precious little guys life had to be ended to relieve his suffering. Anyone who looked at this mini should have known he needed help. It is beyond belief that his owner didn’t do anything to relieve his suffering, just continued to let his feet grow longer, and then abandoned him in the end. Left to starve at a vacant house.
Some visitors came to the rescue this afternoon and brought a very precious gift: hay!
Soon it was unloaded and stacked up, ready to be fed to the horses.
Then they enjoyed hanging out with the horses, visiting each one and spending time with them.
At the vet, the little stallion who we will call Tuff Stuff was wondering what was going to happen next. He heard the word “bath” and wasn’t so sure he liked the sound of that.
At first he was very mortified about getting wet, but when it was time to be all soaped up he decided it was pretty good after all.
By the end of the bath he was really starting to enjoy it and loved all of the attention. He will be having his brain surgery in the morning and they wanted him to be nice and clean for his surgery.
Soon he was standing in the sun drying off, enjoying some nice yummy grass. We are so thankful that his hooves were caught in time before they became like Kings and caused permanent damage. Tuff Stuff says “Please make a donation for my gelding cost, as you know, the rescue has been seeing a lot of terrible cases of horse abuse and neglect, and the vet bills are piling up. They could really use a donation, even $10, to help cover my gelding cost and help pay for all the other vet bills! They can’t do this without you, please click here.
Cannon has been at the vet since the last euthanasia clinic. In our evaluation we found that he was not a good candidate for euthanasia as he was not in any pain.
He has had a long digital tendon rupture, which has healed. Xrays were taken to make sure there is no bone damage, and he is fine. An ultrasound could be taken for further evaluation, but our vet believes he is just fine. It is just a cosmetic defect.
Cannon loaded up into the trailer, ready to head to the rescue for adoption.
At the rescue he looked around like “Wow, look at all the new friends I will have soon.”
Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart Cover. It is only $20 and 25% of the sale price goes to help the horses! To view this item, click here.
Many thanks to Monica D. for donating in behalf of Maple, and to Christina for putting the Chestnut mini filly in adoption pending!

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