We need your help. The KB called up today and asked if we would be interested in more horses for $100 each. He is going to a different feedlot, one where the horses are mainly shipped to Canada. They should be in better condition then the Mexico bound horses, but we never know for sure until he gets to the rescue. He said that he may bring back 3 – 5 horses. We need your help, the horses are tentatively arriving on Monday. We need donations for their purchase and care. We are paying the KB for the horses, and while we hate to give any money to someone in the horse slaughter business, he is only asking $100 a life, transportation included. When we were rescuing from the feedlot in Nevada the price per horse got up to $800, and sometimes more, and that was simply enriching the killer’s to go buy many more horses. At $100 each, he is certainly not getting rich, and we can give these horses a chance at happiness and knowing love. To donate to Dano’s fund to save horses directly from the killer buyer and give them the medical care they need, click here.

This morning we had some visitors who the horses quickly fell in love with. They figured out in no time at all that they brought a bag of cookies for them! Mr Wilson and Blossom definitely wanted more than their fair share.

After the visitors left Tawnee and April hit the road to pick up some horses that had been arranged to come into the rescue.
The horses elderly owner recently passed away and the adult children were trying to find a great option for these horses. If we couldn’t take them, they were going to be put down. We wanted to give them a great chance to find a loving home. They didn’t know much about the horses, and over the phone we weren’t sure if they were even halter broke. Tawnee had panels on the side of the trailer just in case.
Soon Tawnee had halters on both of them, and they are both trained to lead nicely. They may be trained to ride, they will be evaluated as soon as possible.

We are glad that a killer buyer did not find out about these horses, they would have been heading to Canada with the idea of stable to table in 7 days.

The paperwork was done and soon they were ready to head back to the rescue.

They knew that the mares name was Shamrock, but they didn’t know what the geldings name was. He sure is a beautiful boy, Tawnee and April decided the mare should be called Shammy and the gelding (below) should be called Rocky.

They need some hoof care, you can tell it’s been a very long time. It is amazingly how bad of hooves have been coming into the rescue recently. Apparently as the economy goes down, so does hoof care.
We welcome two more horses to the rescue. Rocky was more than happy to get out of the trailer and look around at all the new friends at the rescue.
From there Jason headed out to get some free wood pallets. These are wonderful for storing hay on to keep it off the ground.
In no time at all they were in the trailer and on their way back to the rescue.
Today’s eBay Giving Works item is an Abercrombie size large boys shirt. There are 4 shirts, and they are only $12 for the lot! 25% of the sale price goes to help the horses, click here.
Many thanks to Sally F., Judy H., Joy G., Chris R., Karis D., Elin K., Stephanie D., Caroline R., Sondra W., Suzanne F., Betty S., Cindy M., Donna A. Their very generous donations today will help with all of the recent vet bills tremendously, and we cannot thank them enough.

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