We would like to thank everyone who has been donating to Dano’s fund. The KB was scheduled to come Monday but canceled. He said he will be coming soon but he didn’t give us a date. For now we are waiting for his call. Again, a huge “Thank you!”

Since the KB canceled our staff were pleading to have a 3 day weekend. So we gave everyone Monday off. The report is that it was the most fun they have all had in a long time to not worry about anything but feeding and watering, making sure everyone is OK.

Generally the rescue is closed on Friday, but not last Friday! Contractor Mark came early to get as much done on the office as he could.

He started by getting the ceiling up. What a huge blessing!
He also brought his crew along to help out. Their progress was amazingly quick, and it was looking so very good.
While the contractor was hard at work, on of his hard working crew members took time to spend with Mystic.
She really fell in love with him and is excited about bringing him into their family with their other two adoptees from us.
We also had a visitor come out, she lives locally and knows that we are generally closed on Friday’s but drove out to see if anyone was there. She got to spend time with the critters and really fell in love with some of them.
Tawnee continues to work with Lilly, the year and a half old filly that was used for tripping, mexican roping, and other horrible things. She is still really scared, but is learning that ropes are not always scary and that it feels good to be rubbed with the end of the stick. She is still too leery to let Tawnee scratch her again.
After Tawnee was done playing with Lilly, Parcy noticed she was drinking from a bottle. Parcy has it in his mind that a bottle always has really good things in it. He looked up at Tawnee with pleading eyes like “Please let me have some!” Soon Parcy had the bottle in his mouth.
Tawnee had to take it back because Parcy decided that eating the bottle might be more fun than just drinking the water.
We would like to thank contractor Mark and his gang for donating a picnic table. Now there are two tables at the rescue!
Meanwhile Jason and Alex were delivering Quest and Honey to their new home. Quest wondered where he was going.
After a long drive Honey and Quest were checking out their new pen. Quest had buddied up with Honey and it was so wonderful to see them adopted together.
By the time Jason and Alex left you could tell they were both settling in nicely and enjoying their new home together.
Jason and Alex headed to pick up Atti, a horse who could no longer stay in his home. He is a 4 year old off the track Thoroughbred. It is sad how many horses can no longer stay in their homes.
The traffic was amazingly terrible on the way back to the rescue Friday afternoon. The Friday before 4th of July weekend is not the best day to make a trip.
Atti looked around with amazement at the rescue and all the horses, he sure is a big beautiful boy!
A big “Thank you!” to Donna A., Claudia B., Kathy H., Joni M., Flying Pig Antique and Collectibles, Carla G., Christine C., Catherine K., Norma C., Lynne H., Anonymous, Pamela D., Denise S., Deborah G., Trudi R., Cindy R., Angela T., Cindy M., Sheri B., Yvonne W., Dena L., Jane K., Angela H., Glennis R., Kristen D., Teresa L., Francine L. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!

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