Today Jason and Alex headed out as there were some abandoned critters that had no where to go. Thankfully a neighbor in the community stepped up to take responsibility when the owners left.

The first pickup was a first for the rescue: Llama’s! We have never rescued llama’s before, but they were abandoned, they needed a place to go, so Jason and Alex were there to pick them up. They were friendly and curious.

Alex put a lead rope around the friendliest llama’s neck and led it to the waiting trailer. In no time at all they had both hopped into the trailer and were looking around with their big long necks and funny ears to see what grand adventures were waiting for them.
Next a mule and horse were waiting to be picked up. Their owner had left, and left them standing behind in the field in the process. So sad!
The mule was so sweet to look at, so loving and friendly.
Sadly, the mule’s back right hoof is twisted backwards and he is walking on the top of his hoof.
They both loaded easily and are both so very friendly. We cannot thank the neighbors enough for taking on the responsibility of caring for these animals when they were abandoned. They are truly horse heroes!
About this time April and Larry got a call from a friend who was listening to a fire / police scanner that there was a car accident at Four Junes Way and Palermo Honcut Highway. There were flames, a fire and it was quickly spreading. They rushed towards the rescue, and could see smoke billowing up.
They screeched to a halt at a Highway Patrol roadblock.
They were not letting anyone through the roadblock as fire crews were battling the flames.
Tawnee, who also rushed to the rescue, went up and spoke with a fire person, who directed her to speak to the Highway Patrol. She was asking if there was any way they could get back to where the horses were. They said no one was allowed past the roadblock due to the danger. There were flames, heat, smoke, live electrical lines on the ground, it was just a dangerous mess.
Finally the CHP let those who had to go back Four Junes Way proceed cautiously. It was quite scary, we have an emergency evacuation plan, but not being able to get to the rescue makes that plan impossible to implement.
Amazingly enough, the victim from this crash were able to get out of the vehicle and stay away from the power lines before everything was engulfed in flames we were told.
Thankfully the wind had pushed the fire north, if the wind was pushing the fire east, the fire would have burned right up to the rescue and possibly through the rescue.
Jason and Alex were on the road and they were seeing firetrucks too. They had been kept updated on the goings on at the rescue, especially since they had the big trailer. There was another fire about 50 miles from the rescue that caused them to make a detour as they were rushing back to the rescue to help with evacuations if needed. Let’s hope and pray this summer will not be like 2008 where we were evacuating horses from fires for weeks at a time.
When Jason and Alex arrived they saw the large burnt field. It is very scary having a wild fire so close to the rescue. The good news is, at least this field cannot burn again this year.
The abandoned horse was first to unload. We are going to be calling him Nugget.
Then Don Juan the mule unloaded.
His poor hoof! We will be getting it checked out to see if he is comfortable on it or not as soon as possible.
They were led to a waiting pen where they could relax and get some nice cool water to drink.
The llama’s were taken to the old rescue facility for proper care. Their coats are incredibly matted and dread locked and have to be shaved. The white spotted Llama is named Salt and the black one is named Pepper.
Pepper would like to say “Hi” to you.
They enjoy looking all around with their very flexible necks and observant eyes.
Near the rescue fire crews were still mopping up hot spots, making sure the fire didn’t reignite.
We want to thank everyone on Facebook for your thoughts and prayers, and for hooking up your trailers just in case we needed you.

The rescue was about 2000′ from the fire. You can see the office and the white vinyl fence in the background of this picture. Much to close for comfort, that’s for sure! To see a TV news clip about the fire, click here.
At the old rescue Salt and Pepper unloaded and looked around.
They are sharing a pen, come to find out Llama’s will actually cry if separated, and it is so sad. They want to be together. If you are interested in the Llama’s please let us know. We do have a sanctuary they can go to, but if you are interested in them, we would love to find them a home too.
They enjoyed looking at the sunset almost as much as Tawnee does.
We are all glad the rescue was kept safe today and that the rescued animals still have a safe place to stay while waiting for their forever homes.
Many thanks to Yvonne P., Patricia F. and Gail G. for their generous donations today.

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