Driving out to the rescue for our staff was a fresh reminder of yesterdays events. A huge burnt field so close to the rescue. It is definitely scary. There were still some firefighters out there making sure there were no hot spots.

Contractor Mark was hard at work getting the office looking so great. We are so thankful for his help. With so much to do with setting up the rescue, we can use all the experienced help we can get.

The ceiling is up, and Mark and Larry worked hard on getting the wall paneling up.
Tawnee had to go out to help move a horse for one of our previous adopters. This is not a horse we rescued, but the owners have adopted from us in the past. This girl just didn’t want to get into a trailer. After renting a trailer they spent about 8 hours trying to load her, and she just wouldn’t go in. They called Tawnee and asked if she could transport her for them. They were only moving about 1o miles and they really wanted to bring their mare with them. After Tawnee arrived and assessed the situation and the mare’s fears, Tawnee had her in the trailer within 15 minutes. Her owners were so happy and another horse gets to stay with its family.
On the way back to the rescue Tawnee saw smoke once again. Thankfully it wasn’t too close to the rescue, it was closer to town. Some of our volunteers had driven past this area just 15 minutes before and there was no fire. When Tawnee drove by the firetrucks were pulling up.
The last few days have just been crazy for fires, let’s hope the rest of the summer is a lot calmer. For you local’s, this fire was on Lincoln next to the olive oil company.
At the rescue we would like to welcome Mac. Mac was surrendered a few weeks ago, but went to a temporary foster home, and today he arrived at the rescue.
Mac is a 17 year old gelding who is trained to ride. He seems to be a very nice boy, but does tend to buddy up with other horses and not want to leave them on rides.
Next a trailer pulled up, they had planned on being there earlier, but with 2 blown out tires it delayed their trip.
A thin Thoroughbred gelding stepped out of the trailer and looked around.
Meet Winston – he is about 17 years old, and was used in 4-h and as a hunter jumper. He was surrendered to the boarding stable he was staying at when his old owners were no longer able to afford his board. Yet another horse comes to the rescue due to the economy.
It was a hot day, but late afternoon a very beautiful cloud formation drifted over the rescue and helped hide the hot sun.
A group of volunteers came down to stake out the corners for the first set of 20 horse pens that will have the shelters that you donated in them.
It has taken awhile, but with so much happening it is so hard to get everything done at once. We are so thankful that these folks were able to come out and help square up the area so the pens will be nice straight and beautiful.
Once the 4 corners were set, Jason and a volunteer dug the holes and set the corner posts.
The camera ran out of battery life, but 9 horses were also trimmed today by our farrier. We would like to thank him for only charging $20 a horse for trimming, it really helps out! If anyone would to help with this farrier bill, it was $180.
The Toby’s Golden Moonlight barn at the old facility was also taken down so it can be taken to Phoenix Fields.
Many thanks to Lance A., Bandit Blue, Select Enterprises, Josh W., Sea Horse Training, Katie G., Marilyn R., Michael B., Carla G., Show Dressed Up, Rhonda L., Yvonne W., Cindy M. for their generous donations!

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