A very nice lady donated 20 bales of wonderful hay today for the rescued horses. Jason headed up to Chico first thing to pick it up. It is so wonderful when people donate what is used the most: feed!

The first horse that was surrendered today was a beautiful mare. She is about 10 years old, a Thoroughbred, who is trained to ride but needs an experienced rider. She definitely has a very pretty face. Everyone, meet Shanti.
Tawnee had a big day planned, which included hundreds of miles of driving. First of all, she loaded up the little pony, Wildee, who came from the KB in the last group of horses. She has so much fear of humans and ropes, we feel she was used for practicing roping on, or maybe mexican rodeo tripping. It is so sad to see an elderly pony so fearful. We are happy that Home at Last had a very special place where she can sit back and just be a pony.
Home at Last was also taking Lucky into their program. He has come so far since he came to us. He will now let us walk right up to him and load into a trailer without any fuss. He would never be a kids pony though, and we felt it best that he go to Home at Last too.
Last but certainly not least, Don Juan the mule with the terrible foot was going to go to Home at Last. Their farrier feels that with time he will be able to help correct his problems and we knew he will be able to hang out with other mules. Nugget, his buddy, had buddied up with horses instead of staying best friends with Don Juan, so we knew it was best for Don Juan to go to where he can be friends with other mules.
At Home at Last Wildee settled right in and looked around at her new home.
Lucky met a giant horse that looks just like him. This big guy was looking over the fence at Lucky as if saying “Just so you know, just because you look like me, I’m still the boss.”
Don Juan was also very happy to get into his new home with his new mule friends.
From Home at Last Tawnee and April headed up the canyon. It was scheduled to pick up two horses, but that very morning we got a call that another horse needed to be picked up, so Tawnee headed up the canyon expecting to get 3 horses. There were thunder clouds and rain storms all the way up.
Of course there was roadwork to delay the trip as much as possible.
Tawnee and April finally got to the first destination to pick up Royal, the horse we had been contacted about this morning.
Meet Royal, he is a beautiful 10 year old QH gelding, well trained to ride. He was posted on our Facebook, and he is already in adoption pending, but keep you eyes peeled on Facebook in case it falls through. He is a dream horse!
Royal loaded right up into the trailer like a champ.
By this time the sun started breaking out and the dark clouds started drifting away.
The 2nd pickup was for the two horses that were scheduled to come in. Their owner could no longer keep them due to financial difficulty, so they asked if we could take them.
Meet Dolly, a registered American Paint Horse who’s registered name is Prescriptions Doll. She was born in 1996, making her 14. She is a very beautiful horse, fine features and a lovely face.
The other horse is Mary, she is a QH mare who is about 5 years old. She has some lameness issues that we will be looking into. She is a very pretty girl.
Mary loaded right into the trailer but Dolly needed a little more convincing. Finally both girls were in the trailer. Royal loaded up behind them in the 2nd compartment and they were off.
Tawnee and April would have been heading back to the rescue at this time, except someone had seen us driving through Quincy and gave us a call. So, a 4th horse was surrendered today. That is the danger of having lettering with a phone # on your vehicle and an empty spot in the trailer!
Instead of heading back to the rescue, they pulled into Feather River College stables for the last pickup of the day.
Meet Blue, a 6 year old 15.2 hand QH mare.
She is definitely a beautiful horse. She is greenbroke to ride but has only had 4 or 5 rides on her. She was a good girl with no bucking. Her owner was no longer able to financially keep her and surrendered he
r to us. She is a little stocked up in her hind legs, but she was stalled. When she gets out and runs at Phoenix Fields hopefully it goes right down.
It was a full trailer! The front of the trailer had Dolly and Mary, while the back had Royal and Blue.
Then it was back down the canyon, through the road construction, on to the rescue.
They finally pulled into the rescue at 10:04 pm. It was a very long day!
The horses had to be unloaded and put into their waiting pens. One by one they each came out.
One by one they were led to their waiting pens. Finally the last horse was settled in for the night and Tawnee and April could call it a day. 5 horses were surrendered today, only 1 of these horses was able to donate anything for the surrender fee to help care for them, so any donations to help care for them would be greatly appreciated! Click here.
Thank you all for your support both financial and emotional.

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