This blog will cover two different days, Friday and Sunday.
Friday contractor Mark and his friend, name Marc, came out to the rescue with some more donated items and to take their new special family member home. Marc donated some items to help make the new office building shine.

This swamp cooler will definitely keep things cooler! Larry says he is looking forward to sitting in the office nice and cool and telling the rest of the staff what to do out in the hot sun.

Marc is a fellow horse lover and as you can imagine, his horse and him get a lot of time together.
Mystic was happy to finally find his forever home. Mark couldn’t wait to get him home to his daughter who was just so excited about her new buddy.
Tawnee headed out as we had a report of possible abuse. The last bit of the fire repairs were being done as she pulled out. New powerlines and phone lines had to be run.
The horses Tawnee found certainly need help and she contacted Animal Control who said they will be checking into this as soon as they can.
Sunday was a very busy day at the rescue. We are very excited that one of our previous adopters, who adopted Burly Ben, have opened up their hearts and home to Lilah. We are so happy for Lilah! Transportation arrangements are being made and soon Lilah will be in her new home.
There were lots of adoptions today! Three more horses were also being adopted, for a total of 4 today. Smokey Cooper, Maverick and Apollo were adopted to the same lovely family. Congratulations to you all. We will miss you handsome boys, but we are so excited that you have a new life together.
One by one they each loaded up into the trailer without a fuss.
Shanti had a potential adopter visiting her so Tawnee showed Shanti’s riding abilities.
Then the potential adopter got on and rode her too.
After the potential adopter was done riding her, Shanti was put into adoption pending and she thought that was just grand.
Two of the visitors today brought a special envelope full of donations. They had gone to their family and friends and asked for donations to help rescue horses. They handed it to Tawnee and said “I hope this helps.” Tawnee looked at the envelope and said “Wow, thank you so much, being that our vet bill was over $5,000 last month, every dollar really helps.” The $350 will help so much! There are so many costs involved in rescuing, thank you so much Vivian, Jill, Alison, Maggie and Larisa.
The volunteers had been working on an area at the rescue, getting it ready for some big happenings.
Toby’s Golden Moonlight Barn was being put up!
These portable barns are such a huge blessing. This is the 3rd time we have assembled this one.
The roofing is very heavy and Jason says it is a good thing there are only 8 roofing panels, but each one weighs about 200 – 250 lbs.
The workers were very glad to rest in the shade, escaping the 102 degree weather.
Dottie was the first one to explore the new barn. She says she loves it.
We know this completely out of the normal blog material, but have you ever seen an elephant paint a pretty picture? Tawnee saw this and thought it was going to be not very interesting, but instead she sat in awe and watched the whole thing. Twice. Click here. Animals are so intelligent and truly amazing.

Many thanks to Vivian, Jill, Alison, Maggie and Larisa, Sara H., Lee E., Dee M., Anonymous, Donna A., Judith H., Danielle C., Margaret B., Denise S., Claudia S., Kirsten D., William E. for their very generous donations over the weekend!

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