This morning Tawnee and a volunteer headed out. In the valley where they started everything was hot and dry.

Soon they were up in the mountains where it was a bit cooler, but it was still hot but a lot greener. The drive was very pleasant with beautiful pine trees.

Finally they arrived to pick up Tanker. We rescued him from Roseville Livestock Auction last July. He was adopted into a very loving home, but sadly due to a divorce, he had to come back to the rescue.
He is a big beautiful boy. So much different than he was when he was delivered to his home.
Last July Tanker, who was called Uncle Bob, was a poor thin gelding who found himself at the auction with very little chance of a good life.
But now he is bright eyed, happy and up to weight.
Last year this picture was taken right when Tawenee loaded him up to take him to his home. You can see the difference in his eyes.
Along the way, the volunteer took a beautiful picture of Concow lake.
There was a quick stop at the vet on the way back to the rescue. Rose was ready to come back to the rescue and she is looking for her forever home now. She had sunken soles and was in a lot of pain. The vet recommended shoes and pads, and now…
…her shoes and pads are on, and she is definitely more comfortable and can walk pain free. She still needs time for her soles to grow out, but her improvement is amazing.
She loaded up into the trailer next to Tanker and soon they were busy visiting away.
Tuff Stuff was also ready to come back to the rescue. He was already in adoption pending.
He is such a cute little guy, we would have loved to make him one of our permanent additions, but with so many horses coming in at the rescue, we need all the room and funds we can spare.
His feet are all trimmed up now and he is walking comfortably too.
If you remember when we got him at the end of June, his feet were long and he had a hard time walking comfortably.
Poor little guy, he needed a hand getting into the trailer. There was no way he was going to be able to get those front feet up there. Tawnee gave his front legs a boost…
…then he couldn’t get his hind legs up either, so Tawnee gave his hind legs a boost too.
Back at the rescue Tuff Stuff was unloaded so Rose could be unloaded.
Last time she was at the rescue she was in a lot of pain and could barely walk to get to food and water. She laid down a lot because of her pain. Now, she is so comfortable.
Then Tanker was unloaded. He is a Thoroughbred cross gelding in his early 20’s. He is trained to ride, but prefers walking as he says his trotting and galloping days are over. He really would like a forever home where no divorce is in the future! Divorce is so sad, it breaks up families and makes animals suffer too.
All day at the rescue Jason and several volunteers were setting up dozens of little stakes into the ground and drilling holes with the post hole digger.
The shelters are being lined out for being set up! This is such exciting progress on getting Phoenix Fields setup.
Then it was time for Tuff Stuff to get back into the trailer and head to his new home.
His new mommy was so excited to get him! She said she could barely sleep at night just thinking about getting this little guy in her arms. Literally in her arms.
She also has a full sized horse, who was amazed at the tiny addition to the family.
Royal’s previously approved potential adopter came out to see him today and really fell in love with him right away.
After taking him on a ride, Royal looked back at the pasture as if he knew he wouldn’t be here long: he had found his mom.
His new mom gave him a hug and he wrapped his head around her.
Adoption papers were signed and Royal is waiting for a ride to his new home, hopefully very soon.
It is so nice to have Rose back, in great spirits and very comfortable. We wouldn’t be able to save horses like Rose and give her the care she needs without your support.
Desi posed for a photo this evening, she wanted to make sure she got in the blog. She is such a beautiful girl.
Many thanks to Marilyn R. and Kirwan T. for their generous donations today!

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