This morning Jason headed out to feed and water the horses, and do all the other chores, while Tawnee started replying to phone messages. There are usually between 30 and 80 phone messages that have to be replied to. Those are the people that call when it is impossible to answer the phone. The horses were all healthy, doing well, and looking forward to breakfast.

Many thanks to GS Farms for bringing out 156 bales of nice yummy hay today in two trips. They hand deliver and stack the hay for $7.75 a bale, making the hay delivered today only $1,209. This picture was taken after they unloaded the first load of hay.

The rescue rig had 2 tires with leaks in them, and they were all getting old, so Jason headed into the tire shop to get some newer tires. After doing a host of other chores in town, Jason headed back to the rescue to take care of all the critters once again.
Parcy was wondering why he didn’t get any visitors today. He is such a socialable guy and really loves people petting him. Jason just had to spend a few minutes making him know he is still loved.
He has gotten so big since Tawnee first rescued him back in November. He was such a tiny little guy, only a day old, but now he is getting big and is healthy and strong. A couple of the other calves that we rescued are at Home at Last.

Where was Tawnee all day? On the phone! She spent hours talking to people, replying to phone messages, that was all she did today. She says sometimes she feels like a therapist trying to talk with people through their situations with their horses. Google Voice has made our phone system so much easier. All the phone numbers are already there from messages, you just push call. No more writing down phone numbers off of a garbly answering machine. All incoming phone calls are recorded so it makes it easy for directions, and to remember what was discussed. We love Google voice and can’t imagine life without it. Another big plus is the rescue’s phone number is automatically forwarded to whichever phone is currently active. So if everyone is out and about, it can be forwarded to the staffs cell phones. You just never know where we are when you get in touch with us!
Many thanks to Gail G. and Pat B. for their generous monthly support! We really appreciate it.

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