This morning Tawnee was on the road as usual. Today would be a day at the vet with the euthanasia clinic.

People said they were so thankful that this program is available. Giving their best friend and companion a loving, compassionate ending to their lives rather than being unable to do so due to financial reasons and being forced to take them to auction, where no doubt they would end up in the slaughter pipeline. It is always hard but we are thankful that we are able to provide this last act of kindness.

So many times horses suffering from arthritis and other ailments are allowed to suffer on in their painful state due to the cost of euthanasia being too high. We offer a low cost, $150, and free euthanasia to those that simply cannot afford the $150. This is the last planned euthanasia clinic at the vet office, where we have been holding them every month since Nov 2008. The next clinic is planned to be held at our new facility, Phoenix Fields on August 23rd! We are very excited about this as now horses will not have to travel to the vet, they can just come to the rescue.
Dually was taken to the vet to be checked out. He had an injury to his back hock that needed some vet care. When he came out of the trailer Tawnee saw that he had injured himself and needed some more vet care.
Soon he was sedated in la-la land and getting all fixed up.
He had somehow injured his knee and needed stitches, and his other leg had a scrape that didn’t want to stop bleeding, so it got wrapped up.
The good news is he will be just fine. Soon it was all over and he was led out to his waiting stall.
Daisy and Lilah were taken out to the vet as they had gotten suddenly sick.
Dr Weaver examined each one and determined that they have pneumonia. They have started their treatment and should be just fine soon. Due to their condition their immune systems are most likely compromised and that is why they got ill.
Finally the long day at the vet was over. Tawnee led Dually back to the trailer and took this cool picture on the way.
Many thanks to Anna P., Christa R,. and Rocking Z Stables for their generous donations!

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