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This morning found Jason hooking the trailer up to the rescue rig for a long day on the road.

Soon it was all hooked up, safety chains double checked, door latches shut, and he was ready to head out.

Mile after mile he drove, through the city traffic, on open highways. The road just seemed to stretch on forever. Jason was looking forward to picking up a beautiful horse that was being surrendered. The horse he was picking up had lived at a boarding stable for the last 7 years. His mommy, who owned him since he was 2, moved out of the state and was unable to take him. She paid the boarding stable $250 every month for the last 7 years to take care of him and treat him as their personal horse, giving him love and attention every day.
Finally Jason arrived to meet Gato, an emaciated 21 year old TB gelding. He was absolutely shocked at his condition.
This is the second time we have seen a boarding stable do this to a horse while the owners are away. The first one was Charlie Boy, who quickly made an amazing recovery, and we are hoping that Gato will too. Gato was eager to eat any bit of green he could reach.
He is so skinny! He needs groceries and lots of them. His owner was never notified that he was emaciated. When a vet gave him his vaccines in April of this year he was a little thin but not at all in this condition. The vet has seen these pictures and verified that he was not in this condition.
When he loaded into the trailer like a champ, he began gulping at food on the floor as if he hadn’t eaten in several days.
As soon as he got to the rescue he dove into some nice yummy hay. The poor guy is so hungry!
The UC Davis emaciated horse diet is being followed with sweet Gato.
We are hoping the best for this kind boy.
Many thanks to Pamela N. for her generous donation!

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  1. The story about Gato makes me so angry. It makes me wonder why I ever bothered to donate to the American Humane Society. NorCal gets the job done.

    The world is a much better place because of you..God bless you and your work. Please know there are lots of us out here thankful for the work you’re doing and who support you and who try to do our part.

  2. Where were the other boarders? didn’t the see this poor horse? Was it kept isolated so know one saw him? I sure hope the stable is shut down and the owner of the stabel is charged with multiple charges. We need to procacute more people who do this with harsher sentances. We need rewards for whistle blowers. We need Humane animal inspectors on farms and people to be licenced. We need a list of violators.

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