Friday morning Tawnee was loading Royal as it was scheduled for him to go to his new home.

Olive was also getting ready to load up and head to her new home. What a great way to start off the day, loading horses up to go to their new families.

Gato was also going to be leaving the rescue as we felt it best that he go to the vet to be checked out. Maybe there was some underlying issue that was making him have poor health.
Soon the three horses were loaded up and Tawnee was heading out. She admired the beautiful white vinyl fence donated by Buy Direct Vinyl Fencing.
Gato was unloaded at the vet and led to his waiting stall. He is just so skinny!
Blood and fecal tests were done. His enzymes were a little high because his body is absorbing muscle trying to stay alive. His blood work showed that there is no underlying reason why he is emaciated, other than a lack of food.
Soon Gato was enjoying some nice yummy food. Please understand that while investigations are occurring we are not able to release names and places of where Gato came from. We would hate to jeopardize Gato’s chance for justice. It was in the greater Sacramento area and this was the last boarded horse at the facility we believe, and their personal horses looked just fine.
After Gato was comfortable Tawnee headed to Olive’s new home. There seems to be fire trucks everywhere on the lookout for fires.
Olive was so happy to be at her new beautiful home, and her mommy is really excited too.
Tawnee took a quick snapshot of Olive while she left. She looks so happy.
At the Post Office there was a nice big package. We would like to thank Dorothy M for sending a beautiful hand made quilt to be used as a fundraiser.
After picking up the mail Tawnee traveled to Royal’s new home.
Soon Royal was settled in at his new home. They built a brand new big pen just for him, he is so lucky.
Sunday morning, it was decided that since it was so hot, it was a great day to clean the horse trailers. The little trailer was the first one to get its bath.
Over time, trailers just get grimy inside and out with so many horses coming and going, each one rubbing on the walls and leaving some dirt behind.
A potential adopter came out to visit Blue. He has adopted from us before, and has given the adopted horse (Rosey Posey) such a wonderful home. But now, he is growing taller, so he wants a taller horse, but they still love Rosey Posey and she will always be a part of their family.
After a bunch of scrubbing and water sprayed everywhere the little trailer was sparkling clean inside and out and was taken back to the trailer parking area.
The big stock trailer is a much bigger project.
We would like to thank Cathy for running back to her place to get her pressure washer to loan to the rescue for the day. Cathy and April did most of the pressure washing, but Jason managed to sneak in for a minute too.
The well was being ran to give water to the pressure washer, and with 3 hoses going and the pressure washer, the 3,000 gallon tank just couldn’t hold all the water the well was making, and it just came bubbling out of the overflow. It is so nice having too much water!
It was about 103 degrees, so Tawnee found a nice way to cool down.
Some horses enjoy getting baths and will come to the edge of the pen to get a nice cool shower.
After a great amount of work, the big trailer sparkled like it was new. All of the mats were drug out and the floor underneath was cleaned, the whole trailer is so shiny and clean.
Balena had a potential adopter come out to look at her and her mommy. Tawnee has really fallen in love with this little girl
and it will be hard to see her go. She will have a wonderful home where she can have all the love and training she needs if it all works out.
Amee worked with the horses today and Tawnee made promo videos for some of the horses. Some of the videos are up on Youtube, and if you go to our Youtube channel, you can see the videos for Canon. Click here.
There was a nice number of potential adopters that braved the heat to come meet the horses. We wish there were as many adopters as there are horses that need homes!
Tawnee got a call from the killer buyer around 12:00 saying he could bring us a couple horses today if we wanted them. Soon he came and left, and two little horses stayed behind at the rescue. They looked at us with bewildered eyes wondering what would happen next. We would like to thank you for your continued support to Dano’s Fund that allows us to rescue horses and care for them like these two precious lives.
The little chestnut is so emaciated. She is a about a year and a half old. She may be the most emaciated yearling next to Dano we have ever seen. The bay colt had his stomach kicked out because he was loaded in a double decker with stallions and they beat the mush out of the poor little boy.
He has a large hernia where he was beaten. His leg also has issues.
These horses we were told were on their way from Oregon to Mexico, bound for slaughter. One of the first things the KB told Tawnee was that Canada is pretty much shutting down their horse slaughter industry this week. The European Union rule concerning horse meat record keeping goes into affect this week and Canada pretty much is just shutting down. Mexico, he believes, will just fake the paperwork and send our horses off to poison more people with Bute and wormers and all the other drugs that are given to horses that are harmful to people when they eat the meat. It will be very interesting to watch and see what transpires this month!
The KB says he is not sure what the next weeks will hold, whether horses will still be shipped to Mexico or not. These two little precious horses may be the last ones we can get out of the slaughter pipeline from this KB, only time will tell.
Many thanks to Sheri B. and Jean S. for their generous donations!

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