This morning Pepper and Salt couldn’t believe their eyes. Their attention was grabbed and they just had to stare and stare.

They thought the little calves were so cute!

The calves were not going to be spending the day with the Llama’s, but they did get a quick meeting.
The two horses from the KB are at the old rescue facility so they can get more one and one care and nighttime care if needed. We are worried about the little bay, but we believe the chestnut will make a full recovery.

Lilah was finally feeling good enough to go to her new home today. She loaded up in the trailer and looked a little wide eyed, wondering what was happening next.

You guessed it, Jason and Tawnee were on the road once again.

At her new home she hopped out of the trailer, happy to be home.
She is going to have so much fun playing with her new family. When we got Lilah, she was abandoned, emaciated, had really long hooves. But thanks to your support, she is loved, gaining her weight, had the hoof care she needed and is home.
From Lilah’s home they headed to pick up 3 Mustangs.
Tawnee had been working with these folks for awhile as the 3 horses could no longer stay at their home due to 3 reasons. 1, Animal Control said there was too much junk in their pen, 2 they kept escaping and 3, their owner became permanently hospitalized. The big problem was, one of the mustangs was not titled. As you know, it is illegal to take possession, sell, transfer ownership, without a copy of the title on ANY horse that has a BLM brand on it. Finally all the loose ends were pulled together, titles were in hand and today was the day to get the horses.
They seemed friendly enough when you had carrots in hand and were on the other side of the fence. Note the horse trailer in the back.
They looked at Jason and Tawnee with their great big eyes, wondering why they were interrupting their peaceful day.
This is the first time that we have had a Mustang that is double branded. Usually they’re pretty good about getting it right the first time. Our vet likes to refer to a brand like this as a “stuttering brand.” The first time was a little crooked we guess.
Sure enough, there was too much junk in the horse pen.
Although the horses seemed calm when you’re on the outside of the fence, once the trailer was backed up and they realized that there were humans in the pen, they reverted back to wild mustang mode. Running, slipping, panicking, trying to get away.
Tawnee and Jason got a lot of experience loading wild Mustangs in Nebraska at the 3 Strike Ranch, where their team of 3 loaded over 100 semi-wild Mustangs in 1 day. With a little Mustang magic the horses were safely in the trailer.
With everyone safe and secure, the trailer pulled away from the loading area.
Remember the horse trailer? They are donating it to the rescue!
We have been wanting to get a smaller trailer for those runs where it is just some mini going to the vet or something small. You know how much Tawnee hates 2 horse straight, we are not planning on loading any big horses into this trailer, it is the little critter trailer. Now we just have to schedule a time to go pick it up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Then they started the drive back to the rescue.
At the rescue, Tawnee wanted to get pictures of the new horses that came in from the auction. Since the auction is camera shy, it was hard to get pictures of them loading, and the undercover camera didn’t do so well at getting good pictures of the horses.
This is an older mare who seems really sweet and personable.
This beautiful boy is also friendly and sweet.
Last but certainly not least, this is the great big off the track TB weighing over 1,300 lbs.
We believe he may have come from a boarding stable or something as he has an old bridle path and came with 4 shoes. He still has his front two, but he removed his back two shoes kicking in the trailer. He simply doesn’t like to be in a trailer with other horses. The trailer was the only thing that got a beating and we kept him sedated anytime he got too riled up.
He does have a tattoo and we are trying to decipher what it says. He has a lot of black mottling in his lip so it makes it hard.
The three Mustangs were unloaded and at first ran around the pen wondering what was happening.
Soon they settled in and started looking around at their new temporary home. This chestnut is called Whinny and is the only tame one out of the bunch. The double branded one is 2 years old and has a calmer personality, but sadly the 3rd is a 14 year old one who exhibits extremely dangerous behaviors and will not be able to stay at our facility as she could easily hurt other horses and people.
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We are giving our overworked staff a couple days off since this whole week has been so crazy, so the next blog post should be on Friday morning.
Many thanks to Gail G. for her generous monthly support.

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