We would like to ask for your support. We recently took in 2 jack donkeys, and as it is more expensive to geld jacks, we are asking for your help. The reason it is more expensive to geld adult jacks versus horses is because they must be sewed shut and they need IV fluids. Donkeys are heavy bleeders during surgery, which makes the surgery more complicated, longer and costly. Initially we set the fundraising goal for $1,000, but after talking it over with our vet, she agreed to geld both donkeys for only $700. We have already raised $135 towards the goal, leaving only $535 left to go. Please help if you can, click here.

Tawnee spends a lot of time on the phone, and recently we got the stats on that. So far this year through June she has spent 14,459 minutes on the phone. That comes from 4,666 calls. If you do the math that is 30, 8 hour days. So she has spent a month solid on the phone so far this year. She hears a lot of really sad situations, like the calls you can hear by clicking here. Some phone calls want to make her cry, others want to make her roll her eyes. We got one of those eye rolling ridiculous phone calls Monday.
You have got to hear this one, it is crazy. Click here.
You can see all the raw statistics from the phone calls below. This is not counting Larry’s phone calls and the cell phones, this is just through the 282-5565 phone number.
January 758 Calls – 2,376 minutes
February 661 Calls – 2,429 Minutes
March 1078 Calls – 3,276 minutes
April 656 Calls – 2,059 minutes
May 675 Calls – 1,624 minutes
June 838 calls – 2,695 minutes
4,666 Calls – 14,459 minutes – 30, 8hr days / 10, 24 hour days
So now we hope you understand why the phone calls are not answered promptly and Tawnee sometimes doesn’t remember who you are even if you called recently. Quite literally the phone is swamped. Tawnee would love it if you would sponsor the hiring of a secretary, she really can’t keep up with all the phone calls anymore. It’s just too much.
Monday morning Jason went to get the last of the donated hay. There were still 57 bales so he knew they would fit in the medium sized stock trailer.
He carefully backed up to the pile and started loading them. In almost no time at all they were all in the trailer and he was down the road. It was thankfully not as hot as the last time he picked up the donated hay. We cannot thank Dennis enough for donating the hay, we really appreciated it!
Back at the rescue Jason discovered a new phenomenon. Most of the horses out in 15 acre pasture had bird poop on their backs. We’re not sure why, but the horses don’t seem to mind. We’re guessing a tired flock of birds came along and took a nap on their backs. Whatever the case, there sure was enough evidence of birds left behind.
A very good package came by Conway truck. We had ordered a couple solar panels and they arrived safely.
A very wonderful horse stock was donated. We would like to thank Amee and Cathy for donating this, although it is sad they are donating it. They have been great volunteers but are moving out of state and can’t take this with them. We will surely miss them!
Jason headed down to Loomis to meet with the group that is trying to get a branch rescue facility started in that area.
He toured a variety of locations that may work, unfortunately the bank was unwilling to lease the property for horse rescue purposes on the original site.
This property was offered as a potential site, it has a 36×98 barn on it, which could hold lots of hay.
This is another view of the property that has the barn on it. It is about 9 acres with a house that could potentially be used for staff housing. This is a very interesting potential for a branch facility right next to Sacramento.
A huge “Thank you” to Norma C., Verna F., Christina S. for your generous donations to help the jack donkeys. We couldn’t get them gelded without your support!

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