We would like to thank all of you who have donated so generously to get the two cute jack donkeys gelded. So far $488 has been donated, leaving only $212 left to raise. We are almost there, they are shaking in their hooves that the funds will be donated and they will be given brain surgery. Let’s make it happen, click here.

This morning Jason unpackaged the solar panels and hooked them up to the well. His heart was beating fast when the final connection was made. Would it work? Would water really come out of the well from just sun power?

Soon the faucet was blasting water out at 10 gallons per minute. With more solar panels this well would put out up to 30 gallons per minute, but for now we are so excited that we have a renewable green energy well! Our first step in making this a green facility.
After the well was done Jason started unloading the hay from the medium trailer so the trailer could be used. It seems Jason can’t get away from bucking hay these days.
Soon it was all out and looking oh so pretty.
Then it was off to pick up 4 horses that were being surrendered. The horses belonged to this lady’s parents, and when they died they sold the absolutely gorgeous 600+ acre ranch and the horses could not stay.
Soon the horses were loaded up like true champs.
The drive in and out of the ranch was so beautiful. This pond was so breath taking that Jason just had to stop and take a picture.
The road was narrow but paved, it was so neat driving through the tall trees.
Meet Lanty’s Pennet, One Smart Cookie, Nichole (the sorrel) and Recup. They were soon settled in and waiting for Jason to throw them some food.
The sun was setting by the time Jason drove away from the rescue. It was a beautiful ending to another day.
Another project that was done today was the security system was installed. It’s always nice having eyes on the place.
Many thanks to Betty S., Caroline R., Anne G., Show Dressed Up, Sheri B., Ruthann C., Catherine G., Martin O., Gail G., Margarette G. for their extremely generous donations.

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