In the spring of this year we were contacted about a horse that needed help. This horse is about 6 hours from us and we have been unable to go see this horse. Pictures have been sent to us by a concerned individual. Below are pictures and details on the situation.
“I’ve called animal control [the SPCA] and all they say is that the horse is old. It was hard to get pictures and I zoomed in as much as my camera would. I think the horse looks thinner than what these pictures show.”

In our experience, white horses always look fatter in pictures than darker colors as the white blends together, making it hard to define the true condition of the horse.

It is easy to tell that this horse is emaciated and needs help. At the time this picture was taken, the other horses seemed ok from the pictures, leading us to believe that this horse needs to be separated from the herd, given a dental, and may need to be fed a mash or other special weight gaining diet.
“I don’t know what to do about these poor horses!!! They are starving and the SPCA won’t even listen to me when I call. The last several times that I tried to call, they won’t even answer their phone. It’s long distance for us and all of the times I was on hold for over 1/2 hour waiting for a human to answer.”
“The owner has no hay and one of the other horses is losing a lot of weight now too. All I can do now is sit back and watch them suffer and slowly die.”
This is a more recent photo, as you can see, the horse is not improving and if anything, is still declining in health as it scavenges for food.

The person who contacted us sent letters to the following media contacts with the photos, trying to get help for this horse: “After repeated calls to the SPCA, that have been ignored, I am sending this letter and photo to the media in hopes that someone will help this poor horse.

The SPCA employee who claims to have checked on this horse and then ignored all future phone calls needs to be fired and replaced with someone who will appreciate having a job and will do what they are being paid to do!

This horse is in Horrible condition! It needs a veterinarian to float its teeth (file) and de-worm it. It needs to be separated from the other horses and free fed Equine Senior and pellets. No matter what the age is, of this horse, there is no excuse for it being in this Horrible condition!

This horse lives at: 37312 Fox Creek Lane, Tollhouse, CA. 93667″

Tawnee has spent a lot of time trying to get an answer from the SPCA as to why nothing has been done for this horse. She has called multiple times and spent over an hour waiting for a person to speak to. Once a live person was available they said “Yes, we have an ongoing investigation.” When is it ok to let an emaciated horse sit for 3 months while this “ongoing investigation” is taking place? Older horses often have problems with their teethe, and he could need a simple dental, or a mash would really help him out. Instead they are letting him starve, month after month.

This is the Central California SPCA mission statement from their website. Apparently they need to follow their mission statement.

“The CC/SPCA has operated continuously and vigorously for the protection of animals. For 40 years the CC/SPCA has remained faithful to the objective implicit in its name: the prevention of cruelty to animals.”

There is no Animal Control in that area as it is contracted to the CC/SPCA so they are the responsible party in this situation. From their website: “The CC/SPCA also assumes responsibility by contract to perform the Animal Control and Leash Law services for the City and County of Fresno dating back to September 1951.”

Even though the CC SPCA has a horse in their logo, does not mean they care about horses. If this was a dog starving in someones yard for over 3 months, they would have surely done something by now. We are still waiting, they said they would have one of their officers call us to give us more information on the case, but so far nothing. This has gone on far too long, it is time for action.

(559) 233-SPCA

We are asking you, our followers, fans and supporters, to call the Central California SPCA and tell them to put the tax dollars they are given to work and get the horse on 37312 Fox Creek Lane, Tollhouse the help it needs.

Also let the media know that you can’t believe what they (the CC SPCA) is allowing to go on in their county. The story must be told, this horse must be helped.



FRESNO, CA. 93727



FRESNO, CA. 93727



FRESNO, CA. 93706



FRESNO, CA. 93726



FRESNO, CA. 93786


33171 AUBERRY RD., #B

AUBERRY, CA. 93602




FRESNO, CA. 93607

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  1. OMG! I live in Clovis, but very close to Prather and Auberry CA. I will do what I can for this poor horse. I have only lived here for about 6 years, moving here from Ventura county and I have to say.I have on occasion had to contact the SPCA myself to report other things. Many of the people around me are very ignorant re: animal care and respect for them.

  2. I sent an email to Pamela Prado from KSEE asking for help from the media. I live in the Sacramento area so if anyone from the Tollhouse/Fresno area has any suggestions on who else I could contact just let me know! Does anyone know if the owners have been asked to surrender the horse yet?

  3. THis horse is only miles from me. I had an appy live to 38 and he still looked quite well except for sheath cancer. I fed him 2 scoops alfalfa/oat pellets mixed with one scoop senior feed and wet down into a mush. He did not starve to death.Owners may just need nutrition education. Hope this is handled quickly. 4H Horse leader. Perhaps I should drive by.

  4. Holy Moley!!! This is the absolute worst kind of abuse and neglect. Why doesn’t anyone call the Sherrif’s department on these people. They have jurisdiction in rural areas. Call the Highway patrol if you have to even. Tell em you think you SMELL a dead animal back there and it’s so bad it made you vomit. Tell them you’re worried that dangerous bacteria is going to seep into someone’s well water. they move their asses then.

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