We can’t thank each and every one of you that donated to help geld the jack donkeys. Thanks to your generous support, the thermometer is full and they will get be getting gelded soon.

After feeding and watering the horses at the rescue, along with all the other chores, Jason hooked up the trailer and headed out once again.

At his destination, Diva was waiting to be picked up along with her friend Cherokee. Their owner loved them greatly, but unfortunately was unable to keep boarding them any longer. Diva is a mid 20’s sweet girl who has some lameness issues with her back legs.
She is so sweet and friendly, she was wishing someone would give her some more carrots.
Cherokee is a 14 year old National Show Horse, a cross between Arabian and American Saddlebred. He seems really sweet too.
They said he is a hard keeper, he has been on grass / alfalfa hay fed 3x daily.
After picking up Diva and Cherokee, Jason stopped at Tractor Supply on his way back to the rescue.
They had a couple 16′ panels that were slightly damaged for only $45 a panel. Can’t possibly beat that price!
Soon the panels were on the trailer…
…and were all tied up on the side of the trailer.
Upon arriving back at the rescue, Jason was absolutely horrified to find that the well was no longer pumping water from the solar panels. He hooked it up to the generator, and it still didn’t pump water. This was an absolute emergency, so he got on the phone and had Alex come out to help him pull the pump.
It was decided that the wiring was bad so they rushed to Tractor Supply in Oroville about 10 minutes before they closed at 8:00.
They arrived back at the rescue right around dark, and with the truck headlights they were able to rewire the pump and send it back down the well. They kept their fingers crossed, started the generator and waited for the water to come out. They were so relieved to see water come rushing out of the pipe. Unfortunately it was too dark to take any pictures.
Many thanks to anonymous, Glennis R., Ann Mari and Nancy for their very generous donations!

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