Friday this cute little shed was donated to the rescue. We are so excited, we just couldn’t wait to add it as the newest addition to the rescue.

Sunday morning found Jason and Alex assembling it.

Piece after piece, panel after panel went up. They had to keep squashing black widow spiders. Tawnee decided she was more useful behind the camera away from the spiders.
Soon the roof was being put on top and the final screws were being screwed in.
About this time everyone heard a strange noise. A swirling swishing sound. Everyone looked around and watched a ‘tornado’ come through the rescue. Thankfully no horses were sucked up in the air and the hay pile is still intact. It was a crazy sight! The horses didn’t seem to mind at all.
With the tornado gone, visitors were happy to meet possible new additions to their families.
With the tack shed finished, Jason and Alex started on their next project. All of a sudden Jason stopped and…
…there was a poor little toad that needed rescuing. Jason decided it would be much better if he lived next to the new little tack shed instead of in the bottom of the post hole they were digging.
It would have been tragic if he had been in the bottom of the hole when this thing was spinning. He barely escaped, with his camouflage he was hard to see.
One visitor brought out carrots and became best friend with all the horses.
Another one of the visitors brought one of her little friends who greatly intrigued Mr T, the resident goat, and Cookie Dough, who is in adoption pending. The little visitor was so cute, and Cookie Dough couldn’t help but think about how much they look like each other.
Today was Dezi’s big day to head home with her new mom. They took a quick pose for an adoption photo. It is one of the cutest adoption photos we have taken in a long time. It’s easy to tell that Dezi is well loved!
She loaded up like such a good girl. We are all so very happy that she has found a great home.
We would like to give a huge “Thank you” to Look Ahead Vet for the newest addition to the rescue. After being assembled and washed it looks really great.
It’s so nice to have a place to hang some halters and lead ropes close to where the horses are where they are easy to grab.
Just a FYI for potential adopters, the board of directors has implemented new guidelines and adoption fees starting August 1st. The new adoption fees are $200 for nonriding equine and $400 for riding equine. Also, the goal for each adoptee is to be adopted into private homes, not to riding stables, dude ranches or other for-profit horse business’ that often put profits before horses health and well being. Nonprofit organizations that wish to adopt a horse are not affected by this change. We also will not adopt a mare to a home with a stallion or colt, if they want to adopt a riding horse, a gelding will do just fine and there is no chance of an “Ooops” being born.
Many thanks to Jane P., Donna A. and Cindy M. for their generous donations. We greatly appreciate your help, please consider making your donation to help save lives today! Click here.

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