The last couple days have been spent entirely on catching up on phone calls, paperwork, and other needed office work. One program which we know must be revitalized is the FREE euthanasia clinic. We have been doing low-cost euthanasia clinics over the summer, and we still continued to take in horses to the clinics from people who could not afford to donate, but our reserve funds have been used up. We are asking for your help for the August 22nd clinic which is right around the corner. We get so many calls from desperate horse owners who no longer have even $150 to donate to help cover their horses last days. As the economy goes down, more and more people are finding themselves in desperate situations.
Please remember that all horses that come into the euthanasia clinic are screened for adoptability, and many horses have found homes that have been brought to the clinic. Those horses would have never had a chance to find a home if they had been scooped up by a killer buyer instead of coming to the clinic.
Some owners have said “If you can’t take my horse, I will shoot him myself.” Shooting a horse is without a doubt a lot harder than people imagine it is. We have heard so many horror stories of horses having to be shot repeatedly over and over, but they still won’t die. Euthanasia by injection is extremely peaceful, quick and pain free. The horse literally falls asleep.
Please make a donation to keep this vital program going. We are raising the funds to provide a peaceful ending to 15 horses this clinic, $2,500. To donate, click here.

We got a call from a very desperate horse owner who was pleading for help a couple days ago. We can bring these horses into our adoption program, but once again all the reserve funds for hardship cases have been used up, so we are asking for your help in replenishing the reserves so we can bring this ladies horses, along with many other horses that we are asked to help with every day, without a second thought. It is a heart wrenching phone call, but the lady wanted you to hear her story so you can know how the economy has affected her. To listen to the phone call, click here. Please help us bring her horses into the rescue.

The logo for Horse Plus Humane Society has finally been chosen. We would like to send our congratulations to Heidi for helping us get such a nice sharp logo.
The new website is well underway thanks to Jason and Tawnee’s web design skills. It is amazing how many talents one needs to successfully operate a horse rescue. This website will be easier to navigate, cleaner and more modern looking. You can view a sample of the homepage, the links are not working yet, it will give you a sneak preview of what it should look like in the end. We are so excited to be so close to becoming a California Humane Society. Click here.
We recently received an envelope from the Shining Star Kids, a therapy facility for children. They recently adopted two horses, Quest and Honey, to be used in their program. They were not ridable horses, they just wanted horses that the kids could love and groom on, while building a bond, trust and confidence.
The kids from Shining Star made us such an adorable thank-you poster. This is for sure going up in the office!
You may remember Cliff Hoffman scamming and fundraising in front of Walmart under our name while never sending the donations on to us? If not, click day one and day two. Fundraising in front of WalMart is a great way to raise funds, so today Jason stopped by to make a reservation. Thankfully they have entirely redone their approval process, and have a lengthy form to fill out. Hopefully, scammers like Cliff Hoffman will have a harder time making off with people’s good donations.
Many thanks to Richard B., Anonymous, Denise S., Sara H., Claudia S., Donna A., Kristen D., Margaret B., Lee E., Danielle C., Judith H., Pat B., William E., Todd W., Gail G., Sea Horse Training for their generous monthly support and donations. We sure couldn’t do it without you!

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