NorCal Equine Rescue – Urgent Alert

Urgent Alert – 6 slaughterbound horses on their way!
(The pictures in this blog are some other horses we have rescued this summer from the kb, not the horses on their way.)

You’ve seen them on the blog before. Horses coming off of the killer buyer’s trailer. Sad. Lonely. Twisted legs and twisted hearts. Unloading in a mindless daze, almost as if they knew their fate was sealed and they wondered if they were just at another wretched holding facility on their way to Mexico to face the butcher and his knife.
You’ve cried along with their tears, tears of fear and pain, tears of despair, hopelessness, tears from a broken heart.
You’ve felt their injuries, you’ve felt their pain. You wanted to reach out, comfort them, let them know it’s going to be “Ok.”
You have no doubt gotten angry at the people who would do this to a poor innocent horse, and then heartlessly send them off to slaughter.
You’ve rejoiced at lives saved, and cried along with the ones that were too injured to save, tears of sorrow and tears of joy, knowing that they would not be facing the butchers knife.
Dano was one very special horse that was rescued from the kb’s trailer. His mangled body collapsed on the ground at our rescue facility. He was only a yearling, so young, but so abused. He only had the strength to feebly say “Thank you” before his life slipped away.
We just received word from the kb that he is on his way with 6 more horses in the trailer we can buy if we want them. Can we turn our backs on these horses and say “No, sorry, we don’t have the funds to save you from the butches knife.” Of course not; but we need your help. The Dano Fund is a special fund used for the rescue and care for horses with no hope. The Dano Fund currently has $200 in it, but we need at least $1,800 for the rescue and initial care of the 6 horses on their way. The kb will be arriving after dark, but we will post what pictures we can of them.
Can you say “No” to Bucky, a sweet boy who was rescued off the kb trailer? Of course not, thank you in advance for your generous donation. Click here or click on Bucky to donate now!

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  1. I am very glad you are rescuing the KB’s horses…they are in direct line to slaughter…I am so happy to hear that you have established a good reputation w/ the KB and can save them…Thank you a million! You do tireless work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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