Since Sunday we have been working at trying to find a solution for a horse that we had some contact with in the past. Back in January of 2007 this sweet boy had gotten lose and was wondering up and down the paved road NorCal was located on at the time. We managed to catch him, house him, give him some food and water, and then went about tracking down his owner. Thankfully he didn’t live too far away and soon he was back home.
Recently Dutch got really sick and wasn’t eating. After having multiple vets look at him, and with his condition not improving, a day was picked for Tawnee to transport him to the vet for euthanasia. Thankfully, Wednesday after Tawnee headed out, he was improving and starting to eat again, so Tawnee happily didn’t need to pick him up. We wish him good health and a long life. He may be coming to us when he feels better for adoption, but for now let’s keep our fingers crossed. This photo is from 2007 when he was rescued off the road.

With the cancellation of Wednesday’s pickup, there wasn’t much else going on. That was, until around 7:30 pm when we got a call from the kb that he was heading our way with a group of horses we would buy if we wanted. As you can probably imagine, our Dano fund was pretty much depleted and we didn’t have the funds for this group of horses. Jason wrote up an urgent appeal and you responded. We cannot thank you enough, sometimes rescuing day to day, paying the bills month after month, can put a heavy burden on the staff. Just in the last two months we have paid over $9,000 to the vet for medical expenses. Your outpouring of generosity was so encouraging for our staff. As the economy goes down, there are more and more horses that need help, but fewer homes and fewer donations. It’s a very viscous circle, but it’s a circle you turned around last night and put smiles on all of our staffs faces.

At 9:00 Tawnee was heading out to meet the kb at the rescue. Ever so faithful volunteers April, Amee and Cathy were heading out for the nights rendezvous too. We can’t thank our dedicated volunteers enough, knowing that we can call them up after supper and they will gladly be there is such a huge blessing.

The kb arrived and the horses were unloaded in the dark. It was hard to see their conditions and assess what was going on. There was a stallion that could not stay at the rescue for safety issues, along with a little foundered pony that had strangles recently, and a very sweet yearling that had a runny nose. Tawnee brought those three back to the old rescue facility where she could keep an eye on them and keep them quarantined. It was about 1:00 am when everyone was settled in for their short night.
Thursday morning, Crow was very happy to see Tawnee when she went out to the rescue to feed. She/he made it quite clear that it is time to be friends. Crow is turning out to be quite the sociable chicken who likes to ride on Tawnee’s shoulder and follow her along. To see Crow’s first Youtube video, click here.

Crow was on Tawnee’s shoulder when she was feeding, and then he hopped onto the flake of hay right before it got thrown into the pen. Crow has got to learn there will be no chickens for breakfast, lunch OR dinner around here!
The horses the kb brought in were enjoying their breakfast.
This is an older off the track Thoroughbred mare who is very emaciated. She does have a tattoo and the letter is the only readable part of the tattoo. Her letter says she is 27 years old. No doubt she was a friend, companion, maybe a ribbon winning world class hunter / jumper. Now, she was on her way to Mexico, but was too weak to make the trip. It is so vitally important that your senior horse is safe and given a good retirement, not thrown away like trash. If you are not able to do that, please do the responsible thing.
Her poor back.
This is another TB mare we have named Leiza with no tattoo in her 20’s.
She is very skinny too. She wasn’t feeling quite right, so she was going to be seen by the vet today.
This is a QH gelding who is completely blind. Can you imagine the horror of being crammed into a double decker, blind and not being able to know what was going on?
He is very leery of peoples voices and tries to move away. After a long time we were finally able to get close enough to get a picture of him enjoying breakfast.
This is a shy 2 year old filly who could use some groceries.
She has a pretty nasty wound on her hind leg. You can tell she has been walking in mud as her legs and wound are covered in dried mud. We can’t touch her to treat her, hopefully in a day or two she calms down from her traumatic events.
This is the sweet yearling who has the runny nose and is in quarantine. Someone has spent a lot of time with her, amazingly enough she doesn’t seem to have anything wrong with her other than a flu. Her legs seem to be straight and we have high hopes for her.
She is a cute horse that loves hanging out by the gate waiting for attention.
After tending to the horses at the rescue, Tawnee and Jason headed to the vet with the horses that needed a vets diagnosis.
This is Merry Legs, the little pony who foundered. We were hoping that the xrays would show that she wasn’t as bad as she looked and that we would be able to make her comfortable.
Sadly, the xrays showed that she had nothing to stand on, and her coffin bone was severely rotated and that she was in a lot of pain.
She is such a sweet little angel, we are so thankful that her life was spared the brutal end at the slaughterhouse. No doubt for many years she has been little girls best friend. Now that she was older and was in pain from her founder, she was thrown away to the slaughter man with no regard to her future. How sad.
Next Leiza was examined by the vet and an ultrasound was done, showing she had an infection. Sadly, due to her age and the infection and overall health condition being so poor, the kindest thing to do was give her the last act of kindness and say goodbye.
This is the stallion, who Tawnee named Black Beauty. He was so incredibly gorgeous, one of the prettiest horses we have had at the rescue in a long time.
Sadly, he only had 3 decent legs to stand on. His back right leg had been broken and healed at a most awkward angle.
It was difficult for him to walk, it is hard to imagine how much pain this poor horse had to go through, trying to walk on this terribly broken leg. He was pulled out of the slaughter truck as his leg injury was too bad for him to continue the trip.
His leg was mangled and twisted.
Absolutely no hope of ever being straight again.
Tawnee told him “Goodbye” she told him she wished that things could have been different and that he could have been gelded and have a beautiful life. These horses that come from the kb are always so heart wrenching to see. Knowing that they all know love and kindness is so rewarding. Without your help, we could not help these horses, thank you for making that possible. Thank you again for your overwhelming support. The remaining horses are not in critical condition, and they will be evaluated over the coming days and weeks as they settling in, get some much needed groceries, and learn to love once again.
While on the way back, a quick stop had to be made at the gas station. While Jason was filling up the rescue rig, Tawnee saw a conversation start up that is happening more and more: “Are you a rescue? Can you take my old horse?” He took a brochure and we will probably be hearing from him soon.
As you know, we make hard decisions every day. Our board of directors has set up guidelines for horses coming into the rescue, making some decisions easier, not putting the decision on Tawnee and Jason’s shoulders alone. Everyone who surrenders a horse knows that if a home cannot be found, due to limited room and finances we are forced to provide humane euthanasia for unadoptable horses. To keep horses out of the slaughter pipeline, we are forced to run a dog/cat style shelter, but for horses. With this rescue last Wed night, we have already rescued over 200 horses just this year alone. It’s far from over too.
Back in December of 2009 we were contacted by a lady, who we shall call Jane, who was desperate to find her horse a home. She had lost everything and was living in her car. Tawnee explained the whole process, including end of life decisions. The lady ended up selling her horse.
Last June we got a call from a lady with a 23 year old Arab mare who wasn’t a good match due to behavior issues. She asked us to take her, once again, the entire process was explained, and the owner was more than happy with the arrangement. When Deneigh arrived, and was shown on our blog, we got a call from Jane telling us that it was her old horse.
Deneigh was evaluated for adoptability, and placed in the adoption program. Due to her age, temperament and behavior issues, no one was interested in adopting her. It came down to turning away other horses that desperately needed help and were slaughter bound, or keeping Deneigh in the adoption program longer. Following our guidelines, Deneigh was given the last act of kindness and went to sleep very peacefully, eating grain and yummy treats. As Tawnee says, “I didn’t start a horse rescue to put horses to sleep, but with the economy, what else can we do? I don’t want to see any horse go to slaughter, that is my passion in rescue, keeping horses from the slaughter pipeline, and doing everything I can to find them homes.”
It is so hard living the rescue life day to day, rescuing horses in horrid conditions and saying goodbye to those that cannot find homes. Your emotional support is greatly appreciated and helps a lot!

Jane saw that Deneigh was no longer on the website and left a phone message wondering what had happened to Deneigh. Jason returned her call letting her know that we were unable to find a home for her and that she was given the last act of kindness. These phone calls are extremely hard for our staff to make… After 15 minutes of verbal and emotional abuse, Tawnee came in and Jason had her take over for the next 15 minutes of verbal and emotional abuse. Jason and Tawnee both tried to calm her down and get her to see the big picture of rescue work, but she would have none of it. She asked why we didn’t send Deneigh to A Chance for Bliss, or some other retirement. As we told her: they are all full. We can only do what we can do, and we do the best we can for every horse that comes into our care. We received this email in regards to the situation, we starred out the swear wo
rds to make it family friendly. It hurts our hearts to know that some people think we are emotionless and don’t care about the horses. Read her email word for word.

“why dont you say no to the kill buyer with all the f****d up horses who you sink money into endless money…why dont you care for the horses you already have there instead of killing them…deneigh was healthy ridable we have video to prove it…quit taking theses horses and care for the ones you have …be brave put your real agenda up…to get a tax write off and to get a kick back from the meat truck….you had deneigh for 2 months only…tell all your lil bloggers that….you never tell anyone you kill healthy horses…you just talk about the horses who are hurt or to lame or to mean…you never put in your blog that monthly you kill healthy horses just to make room for the horses you can put up on the blog and beg for money…you nor cal are a fake rescue//you really are in it for the money…theses horse dont make you cry….its all a put on….thats how we feel…also we called chance for bliss they are not closing and they dont kill healthy horses just cause you can only ride them in aa halter or just cause you cant find them a home…you should of called us we could of pd 150 to a retirement….you let us down and you let deneigh down….i hope you -know how broken hearted michelle is that you killed her horse…hopefully you put them to sleep first….just cant understand why you take more horses then you can help and beg for money…..just so people can give you land…..i will tell everyone what a joke you are….how stupid you are….lets save the horse we can put on the blog and beg for money out of people pitty….you suck……….how many healthy horses do you put down a month….lets get real on your blog…quit tip toeing around the real stuff…..people would not donate if they knew the truth……truth truth truth….honesty…karma will get ya….you hurt a beautiful polish crabbit mare…you let deneigh dowm 2 months is hardly lomg enough…did ya kill rio too…..or is he still in bad enough shape you can beg for money……sorry but this is how i feel……i will never read or support you again….and i will tell every person i can that u kill horses for the hell of it”

We want to thank you again for your positive emotional support, it means a lot to counteract emails like this.
Once again, thank you for honoring Dano in such a huge way, you blew us away in a big way. Our goal was $1,800 and with your generous support, in the last 24 hours $3,840 was donated to rescue and care for horses like Dano. Money was also raised to bring in the two horses that we got a call about this week and shared on the Youtube video.
Faryn K. – Betty S. – Patricia V. – Ruthann C. – Leo – Martin O. – Paula G. – Carla G. – Cindy M. – Kathy H. -Caroline R. – Susan T. – Glennis R. – Jennifer K. – Dana M. – Diana K. – Barbara P. – Angela T. – Diane K – Barbara P. – Angela T. – Sondra W. – Josh W. – Kirk M. – Tracy C – Sherry E. – Carolyn S. – Rosemary B. – Adam S. – Natalie K. – Erin M. – Linda L. – Pamela N. – Janet H. – Erin L. – Joan M. – Denise L. – Jenette S. – Victoria G. – Margaret O. – Chrysteen A. – Verena M. – Pat B. – Marlene B. – Dianne M. – Mary U. – Dianne W. – Karen D. – Sara H. – Stanely M. – Show Dressed Up – Lynn E. – Barbara B. – Lorene A. – Martin O. – Marylin R. are all horse heroes, thank you again!

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  1. That anyone would think such a thing is so horribly sad…it’s just beyond words.

    Sorry “Jane.” I was at the rescue early the morning following the arrival of Dano and the other horses and animals in that load. The despair was palpable. Those folks were hurting deeply from what they were dealing with.

    I’m sorry about your horse. I truly am. Once you sell an animal, you give up all rights and control of what occurs thereafter. I understand your heart hurts, but don’t lash out at Jason and Tawnee… Your pain at having to give up your horse isn’t their fault.

    As for me, I chose to make a donation. It’s my money. I worked for it, and I’ll do with it as my heart is lead. I chose to participate and support this work. That’s my business. If you disagree, that’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it. Just remember, no one held a gun to our heads. No one promised us anything. We all heard a particular voice, laying a message upon our hearts to help these creatures not face any further indignities. That was our choice. If it means that we support NER paying to save a creature from being terrified then slaughtered, then that’s what it means. That works for me.

    I look out and see my horse, a blessing I adopted at NER, and I try to figure a way to add a pasture buddy…maybe not right now…but maybe down the road a little…until then, there are other ways to keep helping NER!

    Jason, Tawnee…You two are incredible. Larry…April…I don’t know how you all do it. Larry, Olive says to tell you Hi! She’s being a perfectly wonderful gal, and she’s looking great! We’re taking good care of her! You folks keep your chins up and hold your heads high. I’m sorry anyone takes you to task like that. That’s just cruel.

  2. How sad of someone to say those hurtful things to people who are just trying their best to help animals in terrible need. When people have to do things they don’t want to do there are the people who take responsibility and do it , even though its hard and they don’t want to , And there’s people people who just blame others !!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel Jane is the type of person who blames others!!!!!!!! Jason, Tawnee, and the whole crew of volunteers… You do an awesome job at something that is very heart wrenching most of the time!!!!!! keep your head up and remember you can’t please the blamers !!!!!!!!!!

  3. That email from “Jane” was miserable! I can’t believe it!
    So sorry you had to endure her verbal thrashings…
    I am GLAD you save right from the slaughter line! Those are the ones in DIRECT need…Not to mention…if one has behavior issues…I see NO issues w/ humane euthanasia! You don’t want anyone to be hurt AND you need the room…the economy isn’t getting any better…just wait till all those tax relief cuts expire the end of the year…and then the other taxes start…We ourselves are nervous about our horse situation…It is scary to think about the cost of living increasing and less pay out of our paychecks, due to taxing…
    You all do a wonderful job…and I am so glad to read your blog everyday…Best Rescue EVER!!!! ((HUGS))

  4. If “Jane” was as worried as she claims to be about her horse, she would have found a way to keep her. It’s so very easy for her to blame everyone else when it was really her that let her horse down.

    There is NO horse market out there. None. It’s almost impossible to find a home for a healthy, trained horse, let alone one that has issues or is unhealthy. For whatever it’s worth, I completely agree with every decision you all have made. I’ve cried while reading your blog, but agree that you always done all you’ve can, and sometimes the most responsible decision is the one that breaks your heart.

    I’m struggling to feed my own four (one extra one because he was unwanted and I saved him from going to auction), or I’d be putting my money where my heart is–on your side. I really hope I can be in the position soon to make regular donations. I’ve had to euthanize three animals this year–one of them was the best horse I’ve ever owned, so I know it’s not easy to say goodbye, ever.

    Just know for every “June” out there, there are many other readers like me who know the true sacrifices you make, and are here to support every decision, including the difficult ones, that you so selflessly make everyday.

  5. {{{HUGS}}} to everyone at the rescue. I live on the other side of the country, but follow your blogs every day and try to make donations when I can. You provide an amazing service – to the people with no options left, to the horses, cows, dogs, goats, and chicken who can not care for themselves and need humans to provide for them. You have saved so many animals from a horrible fate. Your compassion is to be admired. Please know you are appreciated.

  6. Just reading your daily blogs is for me an emotional roller coaster. I cannot even imagine what it must be like for you in the thick of things. I can only say God bless you and please take care of yourselves. You are a true gift to humanity.

  7. To ALL at NER, I can only imagine how an email like this must hurt you. I only “know you” through your rescue pages but feel that you are all totally committed to what is ultimately the best for the horse at the end of the day. Please, keep up the good work, you are all in my thoughts and prayers and I will support you financially as many people seem to do, just to save horses from the pain and suffering at the slaughter horses. I can’t imagine anything worse for any horse than that. Maybe “Jane” should spend a few weeks helping you at the rescue and going to the horse auctions and slaughter houses. Maybe then she will understand what you do and realize people like her cause so much suffering to their horses when they sell them knowing they have issues and will just be passed on and on until they end up in those trucks. I am convinced you would have done everything possible to save her horse if it was the right thing to do for the horse.

    Take a deep breath, Walk around your paddocks, see the horses you have saved and remember those with love that you helped by ending their suffering and pain and those that you saved from the fate of slaughter houses. This is what matters, not people that are too quick to judge you in their ignorance. God Bless you all.

  8. God bless you for the work that you do. I know that I could not hold up emotionally and would be crying all the time, in fact I am crying now.

    We know that you have to make these hard, hard decisions every day and I cannot imagine how you sleep at night – I would have nightmares over some of the abuse that you deal with every day.

    Keep doing what you are doing for people and their horses and try not to let people like that horrible person get you down – I know it must be terribly hard for you.

    For some of these beautiful creatures, your touch is the only warm, human touch they have ever had and you will get a blessing for that.

  9. I would never have sold my horse in the first place but if I had to I definatley would have kept tabs on whoever had it. I have said many, many times I would rather put my horses down before I sold or gave them away. I would be traumitized the rest of my life wondering and worrying if they were being taken care of or loved. It would break my heart. Shame on this person for all her ugly remarks and for not looking at the big picture. I am sure you will have lots of readers disagree strongly with her letter and see what a unkind person she is to speak about the KB horses like they are trash because the are not worth anything. Shame, Shame on her. A broken down bedragled horse is worth just as much as a papered rideable ones. Thats what Norcal equine is all about, they all have worth. I love reading your articles and I feel emotions along with you as I read your blogs. Thankyou for all you do.

  10. I am truely sorry to read the email that “Jane” sent you. I’ve followed your site for acouple of months now and wish I could do more than send prayers. The first time I read your daily entries I was crying like a baby. How people can throw their animals away like trash just amazes me. I guess I just have the mentality that if my animals need something and I can’t afford it than I will choose to go without what I want or need so they can have what they need or want. Some people just don’t think that way and its sad.
    I think what you’re rescue stands for is just amazing. And you have my emotional support and prayers. You’re doing a GREAT thing. Don’t forget that.

  11. Tawnee, you’re my hero. I’ve shared with you before that we are a sanctuary as opposed to a rescue for this very reason. I would take the pain of the dying process over the drama and lack of understanding that some previous owners demonstrate. I’m not in the best space to write a coherent response, but you know how I feel. We euthanize when we have to and let them die naturally as often as we can. NOBODY knows what we go through. It is easy to stand back and throw stones. How many have given their lives to the animals to the level that we collectively have? I remain thankful for the people who DO understand and pray for continued support so that we can expand to help more. Poor Jane, she needs therapy. Of course, you have all the time and resources to make sure that HER needs are met. Just WHO hurt the horse, really? Who walked away from her pet? A pet that didn’t have adequate training to give her value enough to save her life. Who cares about her pedigree. We have too many horses in need of homes already. Chin up, Baby Girl. Deanna, A Chance for Bliss

  12. I am slightly confused. If that was “jane’s” horse (please feel free to corretc me if I am wrong) they why is she giving her to someone else? If she is such an amazingly compassionate person, why is she not looking after it? Perhaps I have missed something. Or perhaps not and Jane is a terrible hypocrtic. I suspect it is the latter. Yes, it is terrible when a horse has to die. Terrible when is has to be put down. But sometimes you have to do that – humanely. You guys are doing good work. Putting money into horses like those you save is very worthwhile. They deserve an attempt at being saved and as much comfort as they can be given. I love my horse, very very dearly. But she is my responsibility (and I take that very seriously). If you own an animal, any animal that is looking to you to look after it, then YOU take responsibility for it. Don’t have a go at others who have humanely put it down after you could no longer be bothered or could not afford it. Keep up the good work NorCal. Sarah (London)

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