Vinny was coming back to the rescue. He had been at the vet since he was gelded, but now he was feeling all better and was happy to hop into the trailer for the short ride to his temporary shelter at the rescue while he waits for his forever home.

Now Vinny is looking for a forever home to love and care for him.

First Vinny was scared to death of Mr T. Mr T was acting big and tough, like he was the boss.
After sniffing noses Mr T realized that Vinny was actually a lot bigger and he had better be nice to him. They soon buddied up and enjoy lounging around together.
Pepper had such a long coat from his many years of neglect. We had a volunteer that wanted to sheer him, and today was the scheduled day for the sheering. Peppers long time friend Salt passed away in his sleep Friday night, so we wanted to put his mind on a new track.
Pepper was put in a stall while Amee, April and Connie went to work on his matted mess.
Poor Pepper was trying everything to get the haircut to stop, he was throwing a temper tantrum like a toddler!
Meanwhile, Crow was scratching around wondering what all the fuss was about.
Layer after layer, pound after pound of Pepper’s hair was coming off.
Tawnee wanted to get a picture of his face, you could see he really wasn’t enjoying his hair cut a whole lot. She got a little too close and got a quick surprise. Tawnee, the camera and everything else got blasted with icky llama spit right while this picture was being taken.
Finally Pepper was all done and there was a big pile of hair. He should feel so much better in the warm weather with the excess hair gone.
Not to mention, Pepper looks so much better now that he has been shaved! He is also looking for his forever home. Both Salt and Pepper were in adoption pending, but sadly that fell through. We are unsure of Pepper’s age.
Hilly’s potential adopters came out to visit her again today. Hilly really seems to like them and is very comfortable with them.
They are excitedly waiting for their adoption application to be approved so they can take her home.
As you know, we were able to have the well hooked up to a solar pump and the water pumps freely whenever the sun is shining. The overflow from the water troughs in the big pasture has made a nice wading pool for the horses to cool off their feet. The horses really enjoy the water.
There was so much water pumping during the peak of the day that another pipe had to be opened up in the pasture. Hopefully next year we will have an irrigation system going that will keep at least some of the pasture green for the horses.
Amee evaluated horses for their riding abilities. Rocky is finally feeling good enough to be worked with now that his feet are doing better. He is definitely a beautiful boy!
Some lovely visitors came out that donated a very special item we use lots of every day: hay! We can’t thank them enough for their thoughtful generosity.

Juanita just had to have her picture taken today, she says that Vinny was getting too much attention. She is such a sweet girl and is just waiting for that perfect home. Attention long ear lovers, there are two donkey’s at the rescue waiting for their forever home! Maybe yours?

Many thanks to Sharon D., Suzanne D., Judy H., Marie J., for their extremely generous donations!

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