The euthanasia clinic is this Sunday. Thanks to your generosity we have raised $770, but we will need $1,730 to meet our goal of $2,500. We would love to be able to offer free end of life services to horses who’s owners are not financially able to provide a peaceful end. As always, all horses will be screened for quality of life and brought into our adoption program if they are deemed adoptable. This program is very important for keeping elderly and lame horses out of the slaughter pipeline. Please help today, click here.

One of our readers sent us this article. It is extremely sad, but if a euthanasia clinic had been available, this horse probably would not have been dumped alive on the streets of LA. Sadly she was too weak to be saved and was humanely euthanised by an attending vet, but can you imagine the horror of being shoved out of the back of your trailer in the middle of LA? To read the article, click here.

On to a very happy newspaper article, Officer Kramer (a horse we rescued and adopted out) is in Chico doing some training with fellow horse officers. He is doing extremely well and we are all so proud of him! Kramer appears to be the smallest horse in this class. To read the article, click here.
One of the trainers who has volunteered to train for us in the past was at the rescue Monday morning. She was delivering some horses to the rescue but wanted to take some time to work with Rocky too. We know many of you are interested in Rocky, but he is still in adoption pending.
Rocky is a quick learner and it is so nice to see him doing so well. We would like to be able to have this trainer out on a weekly basis, but we would need to be able to pay for her gas and time. Having a knowledgeable experienced person come in to work with the horses and get them more adoptable is very important. If you would like to help contribute to the trainers fund, click here.
The trainer had gotten these two older mares. They were in really bad condition, but she rehabbed them and has now brought them to the rescue for their chance at finding a great home. They are both very beautiful. Meet Sunshine, she is a gorgeous Palamino mare in her 20’s.
And this is Shadow, another gorgeous mare in her 20’s. We will be getting all the details up on their adopt-a-pet pages soon.
Jason and Tawnee hit the road for more training for becoming Humane Officers.
Today was personalized one on one training with a 35 year veteran of the Sheriff department.
He started at the very beginning and went through the 7 step process for safely loading, handling, and firing a handgun. We can’t thank Darrel enough for volunteering his time and wisdom.
Both Jason and Tawnee got a lot of training and experience. One wouldn’t have guessed that becoming a humane officer would be almost exactly like becoming a police officer.
Once the training was done it was off to get some price checks for needed items for setting up the new facility. We have been working on getting the individual paddocks set up for the horses with the shelters you so generously donated, and we have been going around and around on fencing. It has been decided that panels will be used for the horses individual 20×50 paddocks. The initial thought was 20×100, but due to financial constraints, it has been decided that 20×50 is a good size. We can always extend them later! 16′ panels are only $88, so each pen will be roughly $850.
They finally found a deal on fence posts: 8′ long fence posts for $1.97 each. These pens will require lots of posts. Each of these posts will be wrapped in wire to keep the horses from eating them. A great job for volunteers! Become a professional post wrapper.
It was amazing watching the posts get loaded into the trailer. Finally they were all loaded into the trailer and off to the rescue they went.
Then the hard job of unloading the posts began. These posts are heavier than they look. Jason unloaded while…
…Tawnee stacked them. Finally they were all unloaded.
While the posts were being unloaded the curiosity of one of the neighborhood snoops was aroused. He waddled his way over to see what all the fuss and noise was all about.
We’ve seen this guy before, but apparently he doesn’t belong to anyone so he may just decide to hang out a
t the rescue.
By the time Jason and Tawnee were leaving, the sun was setting. The critters all said “Goodnight, we’ll see you tomorrow!”
Then it was off to see Sir Peter. April absolutely fell in love with this lovely old man and has adopted him. They seem quite happy together, and we are so glad we were able to place this 33 year old gelding into such a great home.
Many thanks to all of you for your continued financial and emotional support.

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